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Harry St.Ours
Professor of Communication Design, Apple Distinguished Educator
Professor of Communication Design, Apple Distinguished Educator

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Please VOTE for our SXSWedu 2016 proposal.

Help us show educators how they can take control of their authoring and publishing life in a fast-paced session where we explore the exciting world of Self-Publishing for Everyone!

With one FREE registration you can vote on many great proposals, and the number of votes constitutes 30% of the selection criteria!
Remember, we can’t get picked if you don’t VOTE! Do it NOW! SHARE! And thanks!
‪+SXSWedu‬ ‪+SXSWedu2016‬ ‪#+ADE2015‬

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Young Moon is featured on +WriteOn. Sweet!

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Don't Let Poor Little Self-Published Authors Go Hungry!

Starting at just $2.99 for the first book in the series, you can support one individual among this magnificent endangered species. In return, we'll send a novel that reviewers give 5 stars directly to your Kindle or free Kindle app, or to your Nook, Google Play or iBooks shelf.

Your donation will allow at least this one writer to continue his work in the wild. And when your children ask: "What did you do to support independent writers?" you can say: "I bought his book, if for no other reason than just to shut him up."

So don't let poor little self-published authors go hungry. Support independent authors today! (Your donation is not tax deductible.)

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It's +WaterWorldsFriday and if you've been following the free serialization of Simma on Wattpad, this is the chapter of you've been waiting for: "The Battle for Normal."

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It's +WaterWorldsFriday and I've just posted Chapter 26 of Simma on Wattpad. "Far Northend" continues the apocapunk tale as Simma and her friends seek the town of Normal. Nearly 13,000 members have given the book a look, so do join us for new chapters every Friday!

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It's +WaterWorlds Friday and that means another chapter of the +scifi +apocapunk +adventure +Simma, book 3 in the series, is now posted on +Wattpad.

Sign up for free and read the entire series!

+Sami, book 2, is posted in its entirety and is closing in on 100k reads. Check it out, and help me push it over the edge!

And +YoungMoon, book 1, is posted there too.

Thanks for reading!

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Simma, book 3 in my Water Worlds sci-fi apocapunk adventure series, written especially with girls in mind (since I believe there is a paucity of good SF for girls in particular), is FREE this Saturday and Sunday only, December 14 & 15!

I am very partial to this book, and may never make it free again, so this is your opportunity to catch up on all your favorite characters in the world of the Five Tunnels and Twelve Towns: Simma, Sami, Sef and Glyn, Dora and Namid, Geoffrey and even the hated judge Trapmann and his Chief of Security, the horrible Miz Horoway. Meet new characters, too, and learn more about the mystery of the danger fast approaching them all.

While you're at it, visit our Web site:

Thanks for reading!


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Did you know "Sami" is a +sci-fi +Thanksgiving story? Well it is. In fact, her first meal, with Simma and Miz Murphy, down deep in Far Northend, is a Thanksgiving dinner.

So in honor of the holiday, "Sami" is now priced at only 99 cents for Thanksgiving week! (That’s $3 off regular price, for the math-challenged among you.)

And if you buy the paperback (like, you know, as a present for someone special who likes a good sci-fi story), you get to keep the digital version for free!

Give it a try, won’t you? Thanks!

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Young Moon only 99 cents! Two bucks off for a week.

I put Young Moon on the new Kindle Countdown promo to see what happens. Now it’s only 99 cents (that’s $2 off) for the next seven days. And counting… 

Or maybe you prefer the dead tree version. If so, thanks to Kindle’s MatchBook program, if you buy the paperback version of any of my books, you get the digital version FREE! Is that a deal, or what?
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