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Zombie Ball
Squish them all... with a ball!
Squish them all... with a ball!

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Hey, thanks for pirating my game :-)

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We've released update 1.7.2; did you get it? :-)

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*Not Sure I'm Sold on the Zombie Ball*.....ಠ_ಠ

Interesting Idea... But that little hole spells trouble in many ways in my mind... :)

#zombies #geekhumor

Squished any zombies lately? :)

Did you pick up the update 1.7.1 that brought a way to earn free Supplies, courtesy of Tapjoy? :-)

How do you know a zombie is tired?
He's dead on his feet.

Next version of Zombie Ball is being worked on, with a way to faster earn free supplies!

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You can pick up the free version of Zombie Ball from the App Store:!/id444125799?ls=1&mt=8

Our 1.7.0 update was submitted to Apple and is expected to come soon! We're already working on our next update.

We hope you'll have a merry Christmas!
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