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Now in... LOVECRAFT LETTER (LOVE LETTER meets CTHULHU).... It's like peanut butter and apples....mmmm mmmm gooood....

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KING DOMINO now in stock. 

A few new items came in today. And yes, you can come in and get them right now.

Renegade Game Studio - The Fox in the Forest
Play cards to win tricks against your opponent. Be careful of how well you do though. Take too many and you may fall like the villain in many a fairy tale. For 2 players. Ages 10 and up. Takes about half an hour to play.

Worthington Games - Pemberton & Grant : Vicksburg Campaign of 1863This game series allows player to refight Civil War campaigns within about 2 hours time. This fourth series game covers the conflict pitting Grant and his attempt to besiege Vicksburg, cutting the Confederacy off from it's western states and Pemberton and his defense of Vicksburg. Plays in about 2 hours.

Zafty Games - Deathwish and NSFW Infect Deck expansion
A aprty game about (really) dying from a disease. Choose a path of demise and try to be the first one to bite the dust. Includes Symptom cards, Afflictor , Disease and outbreak cards. Reference sheets, rulebook, disease templates and more!
The NSFW Infect deck adds a very rude bunch of distasteful diseases, unsavory symptoms and appalling afflicters.

Grail Games - Medici : The Card Game
2 to 6 players (ages 10 and up) try to load up ships and get the most value ready to go out. Can you choose your ventures wisely? Plays in about 45 minutes.

Goodman Games - Dungeon Crawl Classics quickstart & adventure bundle
Interested in finding out about Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG? Like to have some rules and a pair of adventures? For just $5? Here is your chance to do so. Grab the book, run a couple of adventures and see how you like the game. Cheep! Rules give you everything you need to play level 0-2 characters and a pair of adventures to do so.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Veins of the Earth
The most comprehensive guide to delving deep underground. new monsters. Generating maps, underground navigation, light, dark, fear, madness, starvation and more. All in this 350+ page hardbound book

Modiphius Entertainment - new Mindjammer items
The Far Havens -
a new outer Worlds polity beyond the commonality Frontier. Dozens of new worlds, star maps, planetary maps, statistics, organizations, technology, ships, genotypes, mysteries, adversaries and more. This area of space is free of the Commonality and Event Horizon probes are hunted for bounty. Synthetics serve the people. They live free and think free here. Explore a new section of space.

Blue -
two new alien worlds are featured in this adventure resource with maps, ecosystems, exointelligences, cultures and more. There is a multi-session adventure spanning an entire star system as well as secrets of the Commonality and the Mindjammer setting.

GMT Games - 1960 : Making of the President
newly revised and reprinted version of the Z-Man game of the same title. Rules have been revised, 6 new cards added and extra pieces included. Here is your chance to re-run the 1960 presidential election between Kennedy and Nixon. Now you contend with the issues of the day pitting the common man candidate of Nixon against the Harvard educated and politically connected Kennedy. A fast playing strategy game for 2 players. Medium complexity. For ages 14 and up. Can you win the White House? 

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Whose Line is it Anyway?


Need I say more...

Flood waters have (temporarily) receded and UPS has made it in.

Subsequently we have some new items in too...

Worthington Games - new releases
Holdfast : Atlantic 1939-45
Third in the Great Campaigns of World War 2 series. Area movement and Fog of War mechanics help recreate the battle for the Atlantic. The US and Britain try to keep U-boats at bay and shipping lines secure as Germany works to sever the lifeline of materials and troops. Medium complexity. Plays in about 2 hours. Ages 13+

Band of Brothers : Battle Pack 1
and expansion for the Band of Brothers game adding 2 new hardback maps, new vehicles and the Waffen SS, new rules, scenarios that take place around Kursk, Belgium, in Russia and more. Expands Texas Arrows, Ghost Panzer and Screaming Eagles.

Holdfast Pacific : Pacific 1941-45
4th in the Campaigns of World War 2 series. Area movement and Fog of War mechanics bring the naval war in the Pacific to life. Air power, island hopping, airfield control and more add to the challenges facing both the Allied and Axis players. Medium complexity. Plays in about 2 hours. Ages 13+

Holdfast Eastfront : 1941-45
Using easy to learn rules and fog of war mechanics make this study of Operation Barbarossa a strategically deep boardgame. Can Russia trade land of time, marshal it's forces and repel the German invaders? Can Germany move quickly enough to seize important cities and cripple the Soviets before they can gather men and material to fight back? Scenarios play in 1 to 3 hours depending on the battle, the campaign games last 2 to 5 hours depending on the set up. For ages 13 and up.

Privateer Press - new miniatures
Lady Kairanna Rose
Crabbit (Lesser Warbeast)
Glimmer Imp
Cask Imp
Hollow men & Lantern Man unit & command Attachment
Skin & Moans Heavy Warbeast
The Child (warlock)
Death Knell Battle Engine
Grymkin : The Wicked Harvest Core Army Box
Grymkin Army book

WizKids Games -
15th Anniversary : Justice League of America Starter
Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and Cyborg. Figures, cards, objects and terrain tokens, rulebook, maps and dice. All in one box.

Justice League Token and dice set

Heroclix - Else When boosters are in stock!
We have a limited stock however, so if your interested - grab them quick!

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Come visit us and play at toggle games 4th anniversary. Noon to 2am. Yes, 2 AM.
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Missed a couple of things.

We go Magic the gathering : Hour of Devastation in.
Boosters, Booster boxes, Planeswalker decks and Bundles.


Mongoose Publishing - Traveller Vehicle Handbook
From ricksaws to anti-grav cars - it's all here. Rules to upgrade or modify existing craft to constructing anything. A multi-turreted heavy battle tank, a city destroying walker, whatever. 140+ full color pages of useful Traveller info. Quick and easy to use. A great resource.

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Saturday Durty Nellie's is having an all day celebration of the 4th anniversary of tabletop.

Want to help them as well as see Floyd, Ken and other Games Plus personalities as we throw our hat into the party ring?

Stop on down and say hi to us, play some games and have some fun!
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