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Brittany Bradley
-- Live Fearlessly -- Give Generously --Grow and Develop To New Levels -- Laugh and Enjoy Life --
-- Live Fearlessly -- Give Generously --Grow and Develop To New Levels -- Laugh and Enjoy Life --


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Your Journey Is Just That...YOUR JOURNEY!
So lets just get straight to the point. You not moving forward to achieve your dreams is a slap in God's face. He made you creative, ambitious, talented, caring, sensitive about certain things, resilient, and fun for a reason. That desire you keep postponin...

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When God's Grace Is On You
Grace- UNMERITED (not adequately earned or deserved) DIVINE (directly from God) ASSISTANCE (help supplied). Grace simply means, not earned or deserved help from God.  Brittany, how are you working full time, in school full time, giving your husband attentio...

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Just recently I was feeling very overwhelmed. If it wasn’t
the clothes that needed washing, it was the dishes in the sink pilling up. If
it wasn’t the bathrooms needing to be cleaned, it was the stack of mail/bills I
had yet to open and shred. And lastly fo...

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Dream #1 I was walking through a grocery store with my 2 year-old daughter. As we were walking and holding hands, all of a sudden I felt a lump in my throat and could barely breathe. I stopped in the middle of the grocery store, and was able to take a deep ...

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Unplanned Trials of Life: The Story Behind The Photo
One Saturday morning, I posted a photo that my husband took of me from our date night. Now, I have decided to share the story behind that photo.  Monday of that week was the start of Spring Break in graduate school for me. After working all day, I finally h...

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The Day My Daughter Ran In Front of A Moving Vehicle
I never thought I'd see the day that I desperately ran behind my two year old screaming as a car approached her little body going approximately 20-30 MPH. "How did this happen?" I'm sure you're wondering.  I was in the church parking lot, leaning into our f...

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Purity: A Call To Action Beyond Sexual References
Most times when we think about purity we think of sexual purity. Not having sex until married. Purity being a call from God to save yourself until married. This type of purity requiring a conscious decision to not put yourself in tempting situations, or whe...

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What's Stopping You?
"Welcome to the (graduate school name) Counselor Education Program."-Email "Wait, what?...WOW!"-Me *Proceeds to read email four more times... "I GOT IN BABY!!!!!!!!" -My Text To My Husband "Funny part is, you could have gotten in anywhere. And I knew that y...

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Our Story: Young & Married
June 11, 2016 - Our 5th wedding anniversary!  For those of you who do not know JB and I, we grew up in the same town. We didn't know each other until high school and started dating April 9, 2006 (the day after JB's senior prom)! We attended the same college...

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The Turtle: Your Assignment From God
Today while walking at a park near a busy highway, I saw a man slow his truck down, turn around in the median, then get out of his truck. I observed him looking at the ground.  I soon found out he was watching a turtle cross  the street. The man got somethi...
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