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Meditation Induction Freelance (Online+); Blogging; Other Name: Master Avishkar
Meditation Induction Freelance (Online+); Blogging; Other Name: Master Avishkar


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9 th position in (Featured) Collections by search by Meditation as on 4 April, 2018
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Relativity of the Reality
(and the reality of Existence ...)

Far and Near - Fast and Slow - Luck and Unluck
Zero or Infinity - Weight or Weightless - Belief or Unbelief
⚪Twins of intransit relative hues of one Truth

When one side comes down by weight
The other side goes up as a weightless
⚪On a SeeSaw

When believed, the weight of belief comes down
When one unbelieve, the weightless belief goes up
⚪Of reality of our world

It's a real world, when the weight comes down
It's an illusion, when the weightless reality goes up
⚪As one Believed

Real or illusion - Our World
Or programmed inside us as so
▶ Not to fret, instead, love the wonder

The relativity of existence, beyond imagination
▶ ▶ To be experienced by Meditation, as it is, practically
And aware both sides, sitting at the axis of giant SeeSaw

⚫You are in present, past and future; timeless
⚫When You know - You are the knower and the known

* Relativity of Reality - and the Reality of our existence
( #Meditation #Yoga #Relativity #Reality #Illusory )
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Flashes of the Soul
(and the elusive realms ...)

Seems far, when near
Appears near, when far

Seems still, when moving
Appears moving, when still

Seems different, when same
Appears same, when different

Seems many, when one
Appears one, when many

Seems exist, even not seen anywhere
Appears not exist, though everywhere

▶ Even exist or not
Or programmed inside us as so
Not to fret - instead, to love the wonder

The realms of the elusive Soul, beyond imagination
▶▶ To be experienced by Meditation, as it is, practically
And Ho ! Lo !! Be blessed !!! At an apt moment, on seeking

Flashes of the Soul and the elusive realms
( #Meditation #Yoga #Soul #Flash #Elusive )
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Insights of the Soul
(and inside of the Seer ...)

The shaking moon in the pond
⚫Is not of the moon
But by the disturbed water

The dust on reflection of face
⚫Is not of the face
May be the dust on the mirror

Its the disturbed water, obstructing to view cool moon
Its the dust on mirror, not allowing to see your true You

It's the Meditation
That calms disturbed water
And that cleans the Mirror clear

By Meditation
Experience the cool moon, the true You
And the gushing in of all love, soak and dwell

▶▶ From lambs to lions - longing to be with you, the Seer

Insights of the Soul - and Inside the Seer

* Big Salutes to bygone  Seers and the Creators of Themed Statue
* This post in lieu of previous post dated 27 March 2017,  now deleted, for better image & text
( #Meditation #Yoga #Soul #Insights )
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Child locked in
( and the key not found... )

▶ A Child, locked in, not known why

In -
A Guest House with doors and windows, invisible
Stairs without passage, but a big gateway outside

⚫Can't see through, though all open

Often a glimpse of ray from the vent above, in day
A shadow of clouds passing by the moon, in night

⚫Vast space outside and perfect road ahead

The noiceless wind sings, when tired
Shapeless curtains swing, when bored

⚫Alas! Child not aware, the handy key ! And weird
• ⚫
Yet -
Moving out and in, will be your choice, a seer
Fly and roam vast universe, hitherto unknown

⚫Not to worry You Child !!

The dark and concealed Guest House, be fully lighted
All the doors and windows will be visible and wide open

⚫Just touch the Key within You - enough

You, the Universal Child, locked in a Guest House
Meditation, the hidden Key to invisible exits within !!!

⚫Go, Go Liberated !!!!

▶ Child locked in - and the Key not found
✴ Guest House ↔ Our body
✴There is Vast Universe Inner, yet to be explored, as Outer
( #Meditation #Yoga #Child #Key )
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Mirror of the Soul
(To see Your True Self . . .)

Have you not ever seen yourself in a mirror ?

Thin and tall, surprise your reflection, in convex
Fat and short, weird to find Yourself, in concave

Several of yourselves, you find, freaking
You may think, those not of you, in broken mirror

You see yourself, as if seeing another
You see Yourself, as if another seeing You

A tatoo, if you love so, on your right shoulder,
Seen, misread, on your left shoulder as HTUЯT

You see You, in front of You, though not your true self
▶ Yet - Look, Look - a Mirror Take You to touch the Soul

As such so -
The Mirror of Meditation reflects your true self and make You join and dwell in the Soul
Meditation is also the river that fixes the broken mirror and cleans the dirt, to be Ever Happy after

Mirror of the Soul - to see your True self
⭐Universal Love ( ↔compassion ) is a natural part of Truth
( #Meditation #Yoga #Mirror #Reflection )
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Chasing Shadow, that scares
(to whom so it may concern . . .)

Fight, if you fight - Stand, if you stand
⚪Walk with You by side - Can't step outside

Follow You, when Light in front
⚫Walk before You, when Light behind

Stretched, when light at distance
⚫Hide at your feet, when light at top

The Shadow that scares, hiding
* The other one of you, the Devil within

Darkness clears and delight fills the gap
No more shadow that scares, devil turns angel
⭐▶ By Light up with Meditation and enjoy every step

Chasing Shadow, that scares - The Devil within

( #Meditation #Yoga #Shadow #Devil #Angel )
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Jump down the Mount
(▶and Walk Liberated )

Exciting the Climb of Mount, and Jump
You will be another You, after

Revealed the mysteries of Life and Death
No more at lures of the world, after

Carry the remains of own body, weightless
Tightness within goes, lightness in

A rebirth with death, with new You, liberated
You, As hard as rock and soft as butter

▶ Climb the Mount of Meditation and Jump
Experience the Unknowable otherwise, firsthand
▶ And Walk Liberated, thereafter, enjoying every step

Jump down the Mount - and walk Liberated

( #Meditation #Yoga #Life #Death )
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Wings of the Soul
(Take You to Fly to . . .)

With form or name; or without
Mini Entity of infinity and symbolic
Idols of worship, Make you lift from ground
Pray, helps in Meditation - Go On

May also be Without roofs or walls
Shores of seas and gateways of tranquil
Houses of God, open ways to places faroff
Visit, helps in Meditation - Go On

Combination of together and holistic
With mystic mix of devotion and frolic
Festivals of Devotion, get you to walk on skies
Partake, helps in Meditation - Go On

Meditation takes You to fly beyond seas and skies, Divine, unknown - Go On, Miss Not

Wings of the Soul - Take You to Fly to . . .

More wings get unfolded and follow after
( #Meditation #Yoga #Shrines #Aware #Infinity )
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The Ballet of Colours, in Life
( and The Default one . . . )

A robin may even faint when threat of life, by fear
Even a swan reacts when encroached its space, by Anger

And so also Similarly -
We get upset as per the situation or excited

And several situations & intensities
With mix of combinations & opposites

Resulting with related effects in us, interconnected

The Balancer -
Guards against and Cleans the effects of disturbances
Meditation balances and brings back to normalcy sooner -
to the default, Happy (▶without reason)
▶ Helps and enhances the effects of memorable moments

The Ballet of Colours, in Life - and the Default one

* * * * *
▶ Connect to Gif to get the Default, Happy
~Colours, our responses - Ballet, related effects in us
( #Meditation #Yoga #Ballet #moments #Default )
* * * * * * *
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