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Lance Smith
App development manager, dad of two, and a big geek.
App development manager, dad of two, and a big geek.


Hey everyone, here's our hammock backpacking trip last month in Zaleski State Forest here in Ohio +Joe gucwa

Got a Hennessy Hex fly for Christmas for my Expedition Asym. Anyone have thoughts/tips/advice for rigging?

Hey everyone! I'm looking to get out for some late fall/winter hammock backpacking in Nov or Dec.  Anyone have any tips on staying warm?  I know I need an underquilt for my Hennessy.

Also, does anyone know where to get the best deal on the Hennessy hex tarp?  I think the cheapest I've seen online is about $65 with free shipping.

Thanks in advance!

OK, everyone, as fall gets closer (and...yuck...winter) I need some suggestions on a high quality but inexpensive underquilt.  I want to do some cold weather trips in the hammock this year.  I've heard the Hammock Gear Incubator is good, but seems pricey to me.  Can I get anything for around a $100 or less?

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Our Fall Hammock Hang in the Big South Fork NRRA in Kentucky. This was a great trip, and we're looking forward to many more like this.

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Great. Another social media tool to figure out. Must admit Google+ on the desktop is much better than the mobile app. Now I understand all the hubbub.
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