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Dear Tomochin,

First of all, Thankyou Very much Tomochin for all of your hard work in AKB48.And to the AKB48 also thankyou for inspiring us,Many hard things that happen in Akb48 but they didn't give up thanks for that.

I think about how you always do your best at everything and how you never give up no matter how hard it is. I want to meet you in personal but i think i cannot because I will go back now in Philippines. When i heard your songs i think i'm the happiest man in the world because your songs is the best like (Juunen go no kimi e).

Whenever I saw you singing your songs on the TV shows I can't help but i'm singing too. I know that everyone felt it too that they want to sing. Even if you didn't get the #1 your always #1 in my heart. <3

#akbge_en Tomomi Itano
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+Ti Yo tnx bro can u say it to your friends ? Pls tnx for the +1
Paul M
Please +1 me!
hi, thx for your +1
Thanks For all your +1

I +1 all you too guys :)
Thankyou For the +1 guys
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