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Onion's Smoke Shack With Johnny Mannion
Husband, dad and Bluesman!
Husband, dad and Bluesman!

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Gonna try this out again...

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Bacon wrapped pork loin!
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Thirteen years ago today, we endured a national tragedy.
The emotions I felt that day went from disbelief to anger, to rage, to horror, to pride.
I watched the towers burning and felt disbelief, I watched the second plane hit the second tower and felt anger. I watched people jumping from the twin towers and felt rage.
I watched the tower fall and felt horror. I watched firemen pulling my countrymen from the rubble and felt pride.
We had been attacked and we withstood it. We came together as a country united by this tragedy. There were no liberals or conservatives there were no republicans or democrats... There were only AMERICANS.
People pulled together. Our country's flag flew everywhere. It never looked more beautiful to me than it did then. The red was redder, the white was whiter and the blue was bluer. My flag was vibrant. My flag was strong, my flag was still flying. My flag was ALIVE!
I was never so proud of my fellow Americans as I was in the days following 9/11.
We came together as one, in the face of evil and we took back everything they had tried to take from us.
I pray it doesn't take another tragedy, to bring us back together as we were following our national nightmare. We are Americans first, willing to die for each other....Let's start acting like it!

Scott Thanks for the invite!

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Got a great bark on it and the meat was juicy, tender and fall off the bone.... 

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Smoked a pork butt overnight, this was about 8 hours into the smoke.. Took 14 hours wrapped and resting... Pictures of final product to follow.

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Smoked a prime rib roast over the weekend.... Ahhhhh

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17 hours on the smoker... Little slice of heaven!

Hello.... Hello... Hell... Hel... He.. H

Lot of echo in this place... 
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