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Feel like this could be a myth somewhere.

Is there any more information on the Halfbird? My players have the Eye of the Halfbird but haven't yet investigated it in depth. I have some ideas I can develop but wondered if there was any more existing detail already published.

There are a couple of mentions in a copy of Wyrms Footprints and that also mentions Redbird visiting with the Halfbird at his favourite temple in Nochet. I assume that's the Lhankor Mhy temple.

Question for a Friday.

1. The Telmori.

Do they have their immunity to normal weapons at all times? Or are they more like traditional werewolves, who only have it while in their wolf form?

I'd like to use the Colymar campaign scenarios from Sartar: KoH but none of my players rolled a male Orlanthii character. However, there is a Vingan warrior woman. If a Vingan is considered a male for ceremonial purposes then I assume she could accept Ernalsulvas challenges.

I'm thinking that the players will be warned that they need to be at the feast, as the "Greydog will seek to marry the Goddess" which would certainly be bad for their clan, but they won't know the details, just that they need to stop it.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on how else this could play out?

So one of my new-to-Glorantha players choose his runes for a male Orlanthi mercenary as Earth, Life and Eternal battle. Not what I was expecting, but after thinking about it more, it could be interesting.

Would some sort of heroquest to the Dead Place work? Or are these runes so incompatible that he'll have to choose between them?

Hi all, old RQ player here who was delighted to see my old favourite RPG setting was still going. I'm just about to start running a campaign for the first time in about 30 years. I'll be using the Colymar campaign as a starting point and the HQ rules. Two players are RPG newbies and one DnD player.

One thing I'm unsure of is the players being linked to Argrath and the House of Sartar and how to handle this. I'll probably make them roll to see who has the tattoo to avoid favouritism accusations.

How have other people handled this and how did it affect your campaigns?
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