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I find using the thermostat frustrating. When I hold down on the plus symbol to change the temperature, the tile dims and it appears to want me to move it (which I don't). Can I suggest that the rearrange mechanism is NOT initiated with a long press but rather by enabling 'rearrange' function somewhere else?

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The latest beta has a great function to slide for scenes.
Why can't we have a slide in the opposite direction for "devices"
Then we can see all our devices by device type.
My use case is that I need to see all motion in the house.  My motion detectors are fibaro multi-sensors.  If I allocate that sensor to a room called "Motion" then all the other sensors "Temp/lux" come to the same room since it is not possible to allocate each of the sensors to different rooms.

I have also found an annoying anomaly. For my "Motion"sensor, it also shows the temperature and lux.  I have set up each sensor separately in the Z-Wave explorer but the new beta seems to "join" them together under the same icon

Lastly, the new presentation of the "climate".  Why are the + and- buttons BELOW the temperature that you wish to change. Surely they should be to the left and right of the temperature display?

+Muriel Kamgang Mabou 
PS: are you going to update the screenshots on this forum to reflect the new UI?  I am referring to the "Pinned" option on the front page.

I note that there are loads of "icons" that can be allocated to devices.  I think the "bug" is that the icon name bears no relation to the actual picture.  Try a few out and see for yourself..

Really like the random number positioning for the alarm pin number. Super! Much better security.

How about you ditch 'Room' for 'Group' and you allow multiple groups to be assigned to a device. This way the end user has the choice of device groups or room groups or both.

I note we have loads of icons now but the icon name bears no relevance whatsoever to the image. Did something go missing ( like the correct name list)?

Any chance of having the date and time of a camera picture displayed in the archive?

Something is wrong when running on the Zipatab. Firstly, the screen is upside down when in portrait. Secondly, it does not auto rotate when the Zipatab is in landscape ( other apps auto rotate so it is not that setting). Next, it crashed twice when attempting to see it in landscape. Lastly, it will not allow me to login locally.
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