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For your chance to win a brand new 512mb Raspberry Pi

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Finally, ADD us to your circles (if you haven't already)
Do these three things between 9am Friday Dec14th and 8:59am Saturday December 15th (GMT) & one of your will be selected at random as the winner. Full  T&Cs on our website. 

Good luck!

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wow ..
captured by using 3D ultrasound scans and tiny cameras
... including penguin elephant dolphin kangaroo shark dogs ...
... enjoy the most detailed animal embryos pictures ever seen ...

Source ... various online mainly National Geographic ... - edited

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ZeroN, pretty amazing :)
this is f*ckin amazing: ZeroN

What if materials could defy gravity, so that we could leave them suspended in mid-air? ZeroN is a physical and digital interaction element that floats and moves in space by computer-controlled magnetic levitation.

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.

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Just another fine example of what G+ (and it's fine people) bring us ...
On Announcing +onOne Software's Perfect Inspiration!

Today is a really happy day for me because I can finally launch Perfect Inspiration, a program that I've been avidly working on here at onOne for several months. At the core, Perfect Inspiration revolves around one of the most precious commodities that every artist searches for on a daily basis:


For a while now, I've been posting images here on G+ with some accompanying anecdotal stories that I strove to make inspirational and educational. I called it my On... series. This routine became the genesis for Perfect Inspiration because, here at onOne, we fully understand and appreciate the criticality of providing free and readily accessible sources of inspiration. It is what I try to do every single day at onOne.

With Perfect Inspiration, I will be bringing you a new episode every Friday containing an image (with a large before & after slider), the anecdotal story behind the shot, a video that outlines the creative process of bringing the shot to its final state, and some extra downloadable content (free) that relates to the image itself.

It is my sincerest hope that you enjoy this program that we've put together and that you gain insight and inspiration that motivates you to go out and grow your own library of amazing and memorable images.

Perfect Inspiration can be found here:

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Just an amazing picture if you ask me ...
Just finally sent this one out for took a while for me to be happy with it....let me know what you think!

Sorry for the long absence. I moved into an old (in US terms) farmhouse that was originally built in 1740...and, well....I've been busy getting it up to a livable state!

Thank you for looking...and for staying with me here on G+. I've got a few excursions lined up in the near future that should produce some great new images. Stay tuned!


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All just explained in an easy to understand way ... very informative. But the voice is just ... scary, no wonder he's being called the "robotman". :-)
Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO Basics

This is one of the most compelling video clips on photography that I have ever seen. On my furlongphoto youtube channel I have a number of recommended video clips I think photographers would benefit from watching but this one I have to put up there as truly exceptional.

You can see in the comments box that this chap is referred to as 'robotman'. This is quite apt, yet it is an extraordinarily excellent clip of the basics of photography.

All amateurs should watch this. In fact I think everyone should watch this. Four minutes in (the snapshot below) is the highlight.

Five stars.

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Here's my first contribution to #transporttuesday - +TransportTuesday currated by +Gene Bowker, +Joe Paul, +Mike Masin, +Steve Boyko and +Michael Earley

It was taken during a walk in Brussels, Belgium on a sunny day. The car just stood there begging to take a picture ... I gave in :-)

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