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Well, this is embarrassing-
I kind of broke my hotend when fiddling with the printer.
I've heard recommendations that I should get an e3d, but it's a different size than the hexagon, so dual extrusion wouldn't work.
Does anyone know how to get an e3d to be at the same level as a hexagon, or should I just buy another hexagon?
Also, does anyone know of a source for just the hotend (the heater and thermistor still work so it's not worth buying another)?
I have a Bowden extruder.

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Got dual extrusion working!
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How do you reduce backlash on the y axis? I printed some belt tensioners that reduced the backlash from >1mm to about .5mm, but I can't seem to reduce it any further. Any tips?

For some reason, the x axis doesn't have nearly as much backlash, even though the belt seems to actually be looser on the x axis.

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Overboard filament storage:
•Inside a vacuum bag so that no moist air can get in
•I got a rechargeable desiccant tin on Amazon so any remaining moisture is sucked out of the air (also, I throw in any random desiccant packets I come across, along with any desiccant that the filament comes with)

I could probably get rid of the boxes for any filament that's been opened to save some space, but I don't need any space for now.

It's definitely overboard, but it works.

How do you store filament?

I started to wire up my heated bed, and I am having a problem with the relay. No matter what I do, the hbp is on all the time when the printer is plugged in, even when the RAMPS isn't sending the signal. I tried reversing the wires (they are uncolored and unlabled), but the hbp still stayed on. Has anyone else had this problem?

I think that either my RAMPS board is defective or the fakeduino has bad pins- only the y axis works. I ruled out the motors themselves (switched around the motors) and the stepper drivers (switched those around too, and nothing changed).

On a possibly related note, the z-axis (when I switch around the wires) jitters (only even attempts to move about half the time), and adjusting the voltage doesn't help. Even when it attempts to move, it still fails a lot.

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The gantry sags a significant amount. Normally, this could be compensated for by leveling the bed, but the sag is worse when the gantry is going upwards than when it's going down.

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The instructions for the VG (part 4, step 3) say that the NEMA should sit flush with the ground. However, it doesn't fit in between the rails. Is there a way around this?

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Did anyone else get wrong size bearings (608 instead of 625)? I got a 10" LM with VG upgrades.

Also, I got two less than needed.

Edit: only 2 were the wrong size, so I have 28 good bearings. Still, that's 4 less than needed.

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