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Hi All, Here's the latest Sprinter decorated samples from the factory. We'll post some more images over the next few days, The On Track Models Team

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Sprinter Close Coupler Images
Hi All, The photos below show the revised Close Coupler Pocket design on the Sprinter Rail Car. Also shown is a comparison between our current Non Functional
Scharfenberg coupler and a design similar to the newly proposed Friction
Fit Functional Coupler. ...

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Your Chance To Be Part Of The Design Process
Hi All, Here's a chance to be part of the OTM design process. The factory came back to us late today with a revised coupler for the Sprinter. Unfortunately to achieve this within the current tooling it means deleting the highly detailed but non operational ...

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Sprinter Update
Hi All, Just a quick update about the progress of the Sprinters. We've been in discussions with the factory over some outstanding items that up until recently remained unresolved. The coupler issue has now been corrected, when coupled together the
units ca...

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Favourite 80 Class Scheme ?
Hi All, So what's your favourite 80 Class colour scheme ? Are you a traditionalist with the Original and Reverse colours ? The Bicentennial and Candy Schemes ? Or something more modern ? We'd love to hear what makes the best 80 Class Scheme. The On Track Mo...

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On Track Models Announces the NSW 80 Class
Hi All, On Track Models is pleased to announce our next locomotive will be the Mighty NSW 80 Class. Design work has been finalised with tooling commenced. Expected delivery will be in late 2016. Order forms will be available early next year, The On Track Mo...

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Sprinter Test Shot Images
Hi All,   We've received preliminary photos of the Sprinter tooling from the Factory. While the images aren't the best, they do show how the model is progressing. The tooling is currently about 70% complete. The gear sets and underframe are still being cut ...

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On Track Models Announces the Victorian Sprinter Railcar
Hi All, On Track Models is pleased to announce our next Victorian model will be the Sprinter Railcar. 22 Sprinter Railcars were introduced into traffic between December 1993 and June 1995. Cars 7001 - 7017 were introduced in the PTC Teal & Sunflower colour ...

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Final 8201's on Sale
Hi All, The exhibition is only 2 days away now. We will have a very limited number of 8201's on hand for sale on Saturday. Why not grab the class leader 8201 and the final unit produced 8258 while stocks last. The On Track Models Team.

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New 8250 in PN Colours
Hi All, Here's 8250 in the Pacific National colour scheme. It's a little bit cleaner than the real one we posted a photo of the other day. Just right for you to start weathering. It's available now to purchase. The On Track Models Team.
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