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#timeline  Fuck, this Facebookization of Google+ sucks! Time to #Diaspora  ?

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#newgoogleplus is full of #clutter ... I didn't sign up on G+ to use the new facebook! In two years this place will be worse than myspace... Everything should be collapsable and greyoutable, even the stream if I wanted to!
Since a picture is worth 1,000 words:

#TheNewGoogle+ #newgoogleplus

Noen som har lyst til å ta på seg drifts- og supportansvar for IT-funksjonen til Forlaget Lille Måne?

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IMPORTANT! If you don't like facebook but you need all your fb friends over on Google+ then check out this link:

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I don't think Avaaz is ideal but right now it is the only way for us to voice our opinion about these important issues. The best way to make that voice count is to make other people do it too.

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