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No More Weak Days
1928 BCP Morning Prayer
1928 BCP Morning Prayer

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Attention No More Weak Days Listeners....

As of May 2012, the "No More Weak Days" podcast has been consolidated with the "Start the Christian Conversation" podcast. The content has been similar for years and over time more listeners have gravitated toward the "Start the Christian Conversation" format.

Please use the links at to subscribe to the new location for our Bible Readings, Homily and Prayer Time together. Thank you for your years of listening to this format! ~

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Monday’s Morning Prayer - (May 7)
God had a better plan

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Tuesday’s Morning Prayer - (May 8)
God is educating you

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Wednesday’s Morning Prayer - (May 9)
He's actively cleaning house

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Thursday’s Morning Prayer - (May 10)
Where the action is

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Friday’s Morning Prayer – (May 11)
God, who puts all things together

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Next week's podcasts are posted and ready for downloading!
No More Weak Days on iTunes can be found at:

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Monday’s Morning Prayer - (April 30, 2012)
Live all out for God

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Tuesday’s Morning Prayer - (May 1, 2012)
Very imperfect people
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