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Gamers like to watch me play games on youtube. Many say it's more fun to watch me play then play the game themselves. It's not about skill it's about style.
Gamers like to watch me play games on youtube. Many say it's more fun to watch me play then play the game themselves. It's not about skill it's about style.
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This video show a round of Wargame Red Dragon as well as an after action analysis with adjustment to the previously establish Japanese deck.

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This is an other live stream of Wargame Red Dragon showing all the new units of the Pact. It also contain 2 replays and the creation of a Japanese Deck.

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Here is a 2h presentation of the new units of Nato as well has some gameplay of Wargame Red Dragon.

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This is a Guide explaining and illustrating how to use a very balanced deck in Wargame Airland Battle Multiplayer. This specific deck offer a good offensive and defensive capacity, allowing you to face all the kind of challenge you may face during a 10 vs 10 battle and have the right tools for the task.

The downside to it is that if you face an enemy that is specifalised into a specific kind of terrain and your not able to beat him quickly on it, you may end up running out of a specific capacity as a result of attrition.

As a Result the key to success with this Deck is to anticipate your needs before the enemies adjust to the terrain.

This deck is solid and reliable. It was also extensively tested and tweaked to fit the need and the challenge of 10 vs 10 games. So Make sure to give it a try and tell us what you think and how you would improve it!

At the beginning of 2013 and during the year, I told many friends that 2013 would be a year of disapointement in terms of video games.

I did base myself on 2012 inspirering Kickstarter movement to establish my projection.

My theorie was that Kickstarter video game project made many high hope emerge from the entousiastic gamers that bought into the concept that were proposed.

Since that time many of those kickstarter project have been released with success both financially as well as being decent games.

Actually I personally enjoyed FTL Faster than Light a lot. It's a great game and they didn't ambitionned beyond the original plan and concept after receiving the financing.

While all this sound very good when you actually ask arround you what games people are playing, they usually all enjoyed those indy games but no longer touch them.

So what are they playing? The answer is, usually, all over the place including mainstream stuff like Dota 2, BF4, Rome 2 Total War, Skyrim, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and sometime more obscure games they play 10 min and never touch again

When you ask why do they play those games, it's usually because of their friends are playing it or that they are really bored and it's never because they find the games amazing.

Games of 2013 have been technically well done (most of the time), but none of them were exeptionnaly good. There wasn't anything that could be called a game changing experience or anything that you feel like everygame in the future should work like that.

The games of 2013 for the most part have been good looking simplified experience of previously established video game principles and this is why this year has been disapointing.

Most of the gamers I'm in contact with, mechanically play games because they are used to how they work they are somehow addicted to how they work but they feel empty about it.

The rare time peoples get exited is usually at the first contact of a good looking scene and that usually last 10 sec and they don't notice anymore.

So while the visual is always getting better, it seem to be all we can expect of new games in terms of stimulation.

What about Story, Game Mechanic, the struggle, the emotion of surviving the experience and the sense of achievement of victory they are nowhere to be found this year.

What do you guys think, am I to hard on the games of 2013 or do you feel the same?

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I'm currious about something, since youtube and google+  are merged up to a certain point, do you guys actually look at anything on google+ or do you just do what you always did with youtube without even looking at google+?

I have the impression that while there is many peoples registered very few of them actually visit it.

So the existential question here is, anybody is home?

Up to a certain point most post now have to do with comments that were done on youtube or videos posted or interacted by users on youtube.

As a result most videos end up being posted automatically on google+ without any contextual text to it, maybe it could bee nice if google+ would at least import a description of the video.

Right now they look like an image that you may or may not want to click on without really having a clue if it's any good.

So I would be interested to know what my fellow youtubers and youtube fans think about this Google+ website beyond simply reacting to the fact that we are kind forced into this for comments.

Do you actually +1, follow or add anybody or anything and if you do do you really look into it after you did or it's like something you do once and never touch or care again?
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