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Public page for Ingress Resistance Tokyo community

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【レジスタンス忘年会のお知らせ / RESISTANCE YEAR END PARTY】

Ingress Resistance Tokyo宴会部より忘年会のお知らせです。12月13日(土)のDARSANAアフターパーティー後にレジスタンス陣営で忘年会を行います。



Ingress Resistance Tokyo will be hosting a Year End Party.  On December 13th (Saturday) after the Darsana Tokyo after party we invite all Reistance agents regardless of Darsana Tokyo participation to join us.

Let’s drink till we drop while telling tales of our stupendous victory over the frog army.  Organizers are planning various games and activities for the Year End party.

We look forward to your participation.

日時:  12月13日(土)20:30〜22:30
場所:  BRAND TOKYO(西麻布)
会費: 4500円 (一部海外エージェント費が含まれてます)
BRAND TOKYOの定員は300-350、参加希望者数がオーバーした場合第二会場の検討をします。

Date/Time: Saturday, December 13th  20:30〜22:30
Location: BRAND TOKYO (Nishi Azabu)
Door: 4500yen (Includes a small donation for International Visiting agents.)
 International Visiting agents will be given specially priced tickets.
Payment Method:
DRT Group Leaders will be asked to collect all fees prior to the party (details to follow)
Others will be asked to pay at the door, please bring exact change.
Resistance Agents only
20 years or older (minors must be accompanied by an adult and must depart by 10pm)
We ask that you register via the Peatix Event Page (Required for entry)
Peatix Event Page:
Please register for the Year End Party at
BRAND TOKYO has a capacity of 300-350, if the number of participants exceeds the capacity, organizers will consider reserving a second venue.
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Added photos to #Darsana XM Anomaly: Primary Site, Tokyo, JP.
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Resistance Darsana Tokyoでは、来るべき
#Darsana XM Anomaly: Primary Site, Tokyo, JP

参加登録は、 まで。


Resistance Darsana Tokyo is recruiting
#Darsana XM Anomaly: Primary Site, Tokyo, JP

to register, please visit

Let's add another WIN for the Resistance in Tokyo on December 13th, 2014

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Has Japan Rail began tapping into XM for powering trains? An increasing number of Tokyo agents are reporting "Hack acquired no items" after traveling relatively short distances on relatively slow (for Japan at 135 km/h) trains. 

A quick check of the local time tables via google transit directions confirms time continuum anomalies - you arrive before you left.

Either that or the Niantic Team has recently tightened up the "cool off" period after traveling (a bit too much).

[Seriously, it's a real bummer for one of our agents to travel into Tokyo just to play ingress and not be able to do anything at all for an hour or more. We've had some people get turned off of ingress before they even got started.]

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Ingress Resistance Tokyo コミュニティに参加する方法:

1. から「参加をリクエスト」申請してください。

2. Google+ で管理者からメッセージを受信できるようにするため、一時的に Google+ 「お知らせをあなたに送信できるユーザー」を「全ユーザー」に変更してください

3. コミュニティの管理者から連絡をお待ちください。Resistance エージェントであることを確認するためゲーム内の COMM、もしくは Intel Map で管理者からもらった合言葉を入力してください。合言葉を確認できましたらコミュニティの参加を承認いたします。


コミュニティ参加をリクエストした後、Ingress Resistance Tokyo ページ をフォローし、 +メンション で私達にご連絡ください。この方法は少し時間かかることがあります。


【追記】 この投稿へのコメントが上限(500)に近づいているため古いコメントは順次削除させていただきます。
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Instructions for applying to the Ingress Resistance Tokyo Community:

1. Go to and apply for membership. A moderator will contact you

2. Temporarily change your Google+ interaction settings to allow anyone to "send you notifications" (This can be done by clicking your avatar icon in the upper right of this window)

3. Wait for contact and instructions from a Moderator.

4. Please keep posts to the community mostly on topic about Japan and the resistance. And please introduce yourself to the group!


Follow the Ingress Resistance Tokyo Page and directly mention us to initiate contact after applying for community membership. (This might be a slower method if no one immediately checks this page.)
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