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The Tree of Mindala is a Pitch Perfect Pick over at Underground Book Reviews this week! Please vote and share! Thanks!

 Licentious by Jen Cousineau newly rereleased by #BookTrope   #Entice Gripping, heartbreaking, riveting. 

With the release of my latest book last week, I thought it was a good time to launch my blog, too. My first blog post:

Etchings and Embers, my Muirwood fan fiction novel launched on Kindle Worlds today! If you're a Muirwood fan, check out my contribution to Jeff Wheeler's epic fantasy Trilogy, Muirwood.

Since it's kind of a big day for me, with my new novel launching, it seemed like a good time to launch my website too...
My first post:

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Just one more reason she's my idol ;)

Happy New Year All! May this year be even better than you ever hoped!
“The horizon leans forward, 
Offering you space to place new steps of change.”
― Maya Angelou

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The Tree of Mindala made it to Erica Lane's Best Fantasy Books of 2014 list among some amazing company! Thanks Erica! And congrats to all the other authors whose books made Erica's list!

I'm close to finishing The Triad of the Tree: Wunderwood Book Two! Woot woot! Here is a short synopsis:

"Events during Miranda and Marcus's first trip to Wunderwood have taken a deathly toll. The Tree of Mindala is dying. A new Tree must be planted before the original Tree dies. Else, not only magic, but people will die with it.

By ancient decree, only the Triad, an elite group chosen by magical means, can open the Box that contains the Seeds that must be planted. The only problem is the Triad has been broken. Restoring it will be much easier said than done. And time is running out…"
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