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Ben Rouse
Finding the time and place for #edtech in learning. Fortunate to be doing it with Google PD partner AppsEvents in UK and beyond...
Finding the time and place for #edtech in learning. Fortunate to be doing it with Google PD partner AppsEvents in UK and beyond...

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Great share from Scotland. Thanks +Louise Jones
Just had a great meeting with Soundtrap EDU Team, they shared with me this awesome padlet, lots of ways in which you can use Soundtrap (Podcasting / Recording & Mixing) for digital learning and teaching, I LOVE it! It is so worth a look.

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Tomorrow this GEG turns 4 years old!

I have added my sketch as the GEG UK leader when we started, the first meet up we had at Google in 2014 and a video from the GEG UK Impact Day which +Dean Stokes organised in 2016.
+Roger Nixon +Mark Allen +Cindy Crannell +Francisco massanet-nicolau +Paul Robson +Simon Brown +Gary Spracklen +Jordan Pedraza

What would you like to see develop as part of the next year of this GEG's life?
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Excited by this update!

I notice the Glow Annual survey is out. It would be great to make sure that they hear back from G Suite users in Scotland. Here they are...
School Staff

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This looks like a great opportunity to get a Google Doc shared with other classes and start writing together. #NDLW18 collaborative story... Sign up now
National Digital Learning Week 2018
National Digital Learning Week 2018

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GDPR-information från Google om du inte kunde komma med vidarebefordra EDU i Stockholm eller Köpenhamn. Inte säker på att jag har ut det här i rätt kategori ...

GDPR information from Google if you were not able to come along to Forward EDU in Stockholm or Copenhagen. Not sure I have out this in the right category...

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Across a MAT this new update will be great. You can have several directories so every school in your tenancy doesn't automatically have to see every member of staff and students when auto-complete is enabled.

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Great update for managing which directory of contact does and doesn't show up for users. Across a LA you may not want every email address to show in auto-complete so this update is a great improvement for managing G Suite in schools.

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Great insights from young people at the #ELYS2018 where the Council was listening to students from across East Lothian Schools. This was part of #YOYP2018 where I was invited to facilitate a discussion with students who discussed key themes and created ideas to have an input on the future of Education in their LA. The art is by Graham Ogilvie as he listened to young people througout the day.

Great to see and hear the commitment from East Lothian to bring young people into the discussion and policy making.
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