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Rustie MacDonald
Author, Speaker, Advocate
Author, Speaker, Advocate

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Thank you for Sharing this weeks Blog Post. I have a lot to say and I hope it inspires you to get up and speak up.

"I have learned that money far outweighs life and that life only matters if you have money. Some lives matter, while others suffer, living homeless and a lone. I have learned that corruption is the heart of industry and that the American Dream has long gone. I have learned that communities do not exist and that hiding behind closed doors, drowning in late night television shows is the largest addiction our country suffers from. I believe this “realty TV“ era is a much heavier drug than Heroin. I have learned that there is no such thing as Justice and that the Constitution no longer applies. I have learned that it’s better to not trust and to fear everything as there is everything to be afraid of. Watch CBS, NBC, Fox and CNN. They all share the pain, suffering and hypocritical stories but rarely a story of success, love, harmony or joy." Rustie, Author, Speaker, Advocate

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As always, thanks for sharing this weeks Blog Post.

"Legislators, Governors, Senators, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Newspapers, Tv Stations….I write and write and write. I share stories of injustice, of poverty and of abuse. I write. I write with the intention of being heard." Rustie, Author, Speaker and Fellow Human

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As always, thanks for sharing this weeks blog post!

" I might not be so compassionate, so completely and utterly determined to help all those in need and not just one broken fragmented section of our world. Frankly, our world has become an overwhelming fractured globe of diminished hopes, dreams and relatively obsessed with fear.
But HOPE nags at me. Tugs at my soul. Knocks on my mind…"
Rustie, Author, Speaker, Advocate

Thanks for Sharing this weeks blog post!!

"There is a tug to our souls that fills us with a sadness, like a funeral would offer. We fight tears back by focusing on our art, our reading, our inner growth and our music." Rustie, Author, speaker, Advocate

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As always, Grateful for you sharing my blog....

"I have realized that I was simply disillusioned to what Courts are, really. I had a fondness for the Legal system and was raised to believe that the courts were to provide justice. That the courts where to be held like delicate tea cups and one was to always be good, otherwise you would be found guilty by the courts." Rustie, Author. Speaker & Advocate

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"To challenge my ego and fears to lessen their grip on my “every day”. What I have recently discovered?" Rustie, Author, Mother, Speaker, Thinker, Survivor

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"Self-love is hard and in the beginning its very uncomfortable as I have never had an example of what love is or look likes or even feels like. So, in the process of learning to love myself, I have to learn to TRUST myself. I have to learn how to trust myself but also had to learn how to SPEAK in my truth to myself." Rustie, Author, Speaker, Advocate and Proud of her Daughter

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I am now an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church and am now able to assist in Weddings, Baptismals, Handfasting and More!

So thrilled. 

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"I woke up with Bella’s snout under my chin and Chloe’s hand on my forehead. The sun was peeking through our curtains brightly and I realized that it was time to make coffee. I didn’t get up quickly as I wanted to soak in the love and be grateful for what I have." Rustie, Author, Speaker, Single Mother and Advocate
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