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Environmentalism is causing the increase in wildfires, including far more deaths.
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Penn and Teller: Recycling is Bullshit
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Recycling, biofuels, styrofoam, CFCs, wetlands, reforestation...the irrational Green movement gets it all wrong.

Trendy “Green” environmentalism is chock-full of urban legends, inductive reasoning, and pseudoscience that end up harming the environment, as well as being directly bad for the people pushed to conform.

That’s right, those things you feel guilty about not doing, or that you give in and do, even though they make you miserable, can actually be harming the planet.

Examples:Government-mandated RECYCLING

… (not the for-profit kind) is usually so inefficient that it produces more pollution than making new paper, glass, and plastic! 13 of the top Superfund hazardous waste sites were once recycling centers!






…actually have a bigger carbon footprint than simply using fossil fuel, because they require the clearing of land for agriculture, AND the farmers use fossil fuels to run their farm equipment.





Hybrid Cars

…have batteries are so bad for the environment that you probably can’t drive one long enough to make up for the damage, before the battery goes bad and you need a new one, causing the problem all over again


Forest Fires

Laws preventing the clearing of wood from “wild” areas, combined with efforts to prevent small forest fires, set up “tinderbox” situations, and are the reason the gigantic wildfires end up engulfing large areas



It requires more energy to make food wrappers out of recycled paper than it does to make them out of styrofoam…so people who have pushed companies into doing so are creating a LARGER carbon footprint, and wasting more energy
What’s more, it requires more paper than styrofoam, to do the same job, so that recycled paper/cups/whatever produce more trash. They also do not biodegrade, even though made of paper.

Polluting Power Plants

The laws in California that attempted to force people to build and buy electric cars, a few years back, ignored that most of California’s electricity comes from COAL power plants, that have a bigger carbon footprint than a gasoline automobile.


Atmospheric Uranium

Indeed, coal fire power plants put more uranium into the atmosphere (it’s a trace element in coal) than nuclear power plants (which crazy Greens oppose) produce nuclear waste


The CFC replacements that were forced on people when the holders of their patents funded the anti-CFC movement happen to be powerful greenhouse gasses


Laws imposing “WETLANDS” on private property owners ignore that wetlands are a huge source of methane, a greenhouse gas thirty times more powerful than carbon dioxide



The laws forcing REFORESTATION in Europe have been creating millions of the very type of deciduous trees that produce more Nitrous Oxide, a greenhouse gas THREE HUNDRED times more powerful than CO2.



Pushes to “save paper to save the planet” ignore that 87% of paper is produced by TREE FARMING. Tree farming locks up more carbon than any other human activity…the more paper you buy and “waste”, the more trees are grown to lock up carbon dioxide! Saving paper actually INCREASES your carbon footprint.


“Recycling E-Waste” (including government-mandated refurbished electronics) causes even more harm and pollution than conventional recycling.



The Culture of Safety Causes More Harm than Good


Stop Blaming Capitalism, for Socialism’s Failures


Going Green is Bad for the Environment