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You know, I am nothing if not a strong advocate for meeting the needs of gifted children. I get where this article is coming from (vividly remembering going through some of these)... and, I mean, I understand that a combative attitude is sometimes a weapon of empowerment against the status quo. But, really, I take issue with the snarky tone here. There are reasons all of these things happen -- sometimes BAD reasons, sometimes merely inadequate reasons. But still, it's not like teachers and administrators sit down and say "How can we best thwart this child's progress today? Mwahaha!" It's a balancing act. :-/

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Of interest largely because it's showing me sites/services I was not previously aware of :-) but some folks may find it useful for its intended purpose! (Which is to say, it is simply a handy set of hotlinks directly to the notifications control page for each site. Bookmark now.)

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Emergency update to completed. Bed now.

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Check out today's project: My job was putting in the captions with the lyrics :-) Took about 2 more hours than I expected, somehow, but I think it really enhances the overall feel.

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Spent the last 2 hours making a 12-second stop-motion video. :-) Let's hope it catches on! Link to come once it's released!

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Going this Friday night to experience the singalong piano bar! Apparently it doesn't really get going until around 10:30pm.

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I went ice skating tonight! In Central Park!!

Pro tips:
(10) New skates want to be sharpened before you use them the first time.
(9) The guy who does the sharpening leaves at 7pm, so if you get there at 7:30, you are out of luck.
(8) You can still manage.
(7) But your shins will hurt more.
(7a) Also your knees.
(6) But it gets easier once you've warmed up for a while.
(5) The music here actually is hipper than the '80s stuff they play in the Kendall Square rink.
(4) ... A hip-hop dance remix of "I Had the Time of My Life", though? Really?
(3) On the whole, it made me miss the TBS gang, not to mention MIT Hillel's annual "Grads On Ice".
(2) Night skating is incredibly beautiful in midtown Manhattan, especially in December.
(1) Ice skating in general is fun with company, but makes me incredibly happy even by myself. (But I knew that already.)

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Stories like this blow me away -- in the good way -- because they speak directly to the radical difference between hiding from your own (or someone else's) truth, and embracing it.

Truth will out. Trying to pretend that reality is other than it is? Not helpful, and not sustainable.
It's also about taking action to realign perception and reality, in order to restore integrity between them. "My fullest concentration of energy is available to me only when I integrate all the parts of who I am, openly." -- Audre Lorde, 2004

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