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Oh hai, I won't lie to you guys, I've been feeling a bit lost lately. Not having a job or really a social life is kinda starting to take it's toll on me. It's really dis-heartening when you apply for so many jobs and hear absolutly nothing back from any of ...

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The Blog is Dead
I'd being lying if I said I'd been productive rather than writing on here, but unfortunatly, my life recently hasn't been all sunshine and roses. I haven't been around here much lately mainly because I've just had alot of stuff to deal with, both in real li...

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Garnier Skin Active Botanical Day Cream Review*
Oh hai. Thanks to BzzAgent , I got to recently try out the new Garnier Skin Active skin care range, perfect for you if you have sensitive skin. Personally I chose to try out the Hydrate + Soothe Botanical Day Cream; made with 96% natural ingrediants special...

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A Little Bit Broken
I'll be honest with you guys, I've not been feeling myself lately at all. If anything, I don't really feel like a person at all right now, I just feel like a shadow, slowly drifting through life, not knowing what she's really doing. But I have a question; D...

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Poorly Sick
Oh hai, How are we all today?  My last couple have days have been anything but enjoyable. My lovely imune system decided that last night and today would be the perfect time for me to recieve a present - That present being a 24 hour stomach bug. Not to be un...

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Seven Years Difference
Oh hai. Hold onto your butts, grab a cuppa and a snack, this blog post is a long'un. If you would of asked me back in 2010 "Hey Laura where do you see yourself in seven years time?" my life would be completly different to what it is now had I'd stuck at wha...

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Wasting the weekend
Hello world,  How are we all this evening? Personally, I've spent my day mostly in bed, hungover and feeling sorry for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love me a few cocktails or five but the headache and feeling sick you get the day after makes me wonder some...

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I already want to take a nap tomorrow
Oh hai, How are we all this fine evening? I seem to be loosing track of the days, it's Wednesday already and for some reason I keep thinking ir's Monday? A nice suprise for when I finally realise it's already half way through the week but I wish parts of my...

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Catching up
Oh hai. How are we all doing today? Long time no see guys, how is everyones 2017 going so far? Mines been.. Eh.  I've had a sort of weird day, well, week more like; it's not been good but not bad either. This week has been odd on some sorts, at the begginin...
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