Is Google+ Page Rank the culprit behind the current suspicions of active Author Rank?

"Wait a minute! I thought Page Rank was removed from G+?"
Is a popular misconception. In fact, PR in Google+ is alive & well!

There has been considerable debate recently regarding whether Google's much anticipated Author Rank may already be at least partially active. Some believe there is anecdotal evidence of this, but for this post I would like to explore a different possibility. Rather than an all new algorithm, "is there a magic deeper still which she did not know..." which may in fact be responsible?

Page Rank! Not just any Page Rank, but quite specifically Page Rank in Google+ and other highly active social media sites.

From reading and also talking with some of the experts, it seems that a lot of Google Plussers are of the opinion that Page Rank was eliminated from G+ when their URL system changed back in, March 2012. The earliest post regarding this which I could find and which was quoted a number of times and comes from +Cyrus Shepard on 3-16-2012 Which was then expounded on...

+Barry Schwartz in the following blogged explanation
Google+ Pages PageRank Gone
Cyrus Shepard posted on Google+ that all the pages on Google+ now have a PageRank of zero or not available. He seems to be right and many webmasters are asking why.

+Dan Petrovic, with +Dejan SEO wrote the best explanation of the changes Google made to their URL structure here...
Google+ has a number of canonical issues... This causes everything to have two URLs with parameters which don’t change the content of the page. The culprit Dan discusses is /u/0/ that was added to users logged in URLs.

I do not disagree with some of the above conclusions, that the changes then made all the G+ user profiles and pages all appear to be set back to zero. However that was in appearance only, the Page Rank has still been there all along & we can still see it by editing the URL to remove the /u/0/ symbols from it, as well as making another change in the URL. We must remove the /post from the end of it. Which is not the default way in which G+ profiles are displayed, so in fact it will pop right back up again after a second.

If you are running the Google PR Toolbar to check rank, it will only appear for a second once the above link is edited. However if we use a Page Rank checker tool, then the edit will not revert back to the URL default and we can clearly see the PR of every profile. *Note this tool will not show URL's with the + symbol in them, so for that I have used the first method.

I would like to note here that when Google search indexes any G+ posts, pages, or profiles, they do so without those extra characters & so presumably preserving the PR concept as well.

For example (in no special order), we can see +Mark Traphagen has a PR5 and with 32,000 followers that's not surprising. +Ronnie Bincer also has a PR5 with 18,000 followers. +Barry Schwartz has a PR4 with 26,000 followers. +Dan Petrovic, +Luis Galarza, +Jesse Wojdylo, +AJ Kohn, +Lyndon NA+David Amerland have PR4s.

Some other friends of ours such as +Bill Gassett, +Al Remetch (like how I put them together?) and +Elias Nathaniel have PR3's. And yours truly +Joshua Berg has a modest PR1, which is because I did most of my earlier posting only through my business page and PR takes months to update.

There appears to be some, but not too much correlation between the amount of followers and the PR increasing. Best guess is that PR has a lot more to do with who mentioned those particular users when, how often and the PR of those who did. We must not forget that the whole concept of PR is a kind of hierarchical trickle down effect, it is not just direct numbers that matters.

That said, there are a number of anomalies regarding G+ PR that I actually haven't figured out yet & would be happy for others to weigh in on here. They are as follows...

1. Some very popular profiles have no PR at all. I believe this is because PR has not updated since these users received their verified name, or they have not used G+ as frequently since.

2. An edit to one's name, or other, that is reflected in their URL will probably show their PR as back to 0 as well.

3. The strangest anomaly I still can't figure out yet, is a very few number of users (only two that I've seen so far) +Clayton Pritchard & +John Skeats, seem to have PR flow through and resolve correctly to their full default URL including the /post.

And now (drum rolls)... for the proof you've all been waiting for that G+ PR is responsible for the different SERP positions and or, anomalies we've been noticing, rather than Google Author Rank... "Frankly my dear, I don't" have any. LOL! But to me at least, it does make perfect sense. If you understand much about how PR works, it's hierarchical and prioritizing structure, then it makes perfect sense that certain users posts, or content would appear above, or below other users.

This prioritization would not just be based on the writer of that particular post, but naturally the interaction that particular post has had from other G+ users, their PR, which of them shared it, or just plussed it, commented on it, etc, the list goes on. Frankly I would say, based just on what we do no so far about Page Rank, there is no need to claim there are other natural forces at work here and it would be naive to discuss Author Rank as the only possibility for various changes, without also seriously considering G+ PR.

While I'm discussing PR here, let's not forget that traditional PR would be associated and passed on based on particular pages, but G+ and FB streams are not pages at all. So we can presume they will have similar results, but obviously the structure would be different. I also think that PR has evolved considerably and comments Matt has made also prove it, within the last year, or so. We should not expect G+ PR to necessarily be extremely similar to PR as we have traditionally perceived it.

Now I haven't even had time to go into Page Rank on other popular social media sites, such as Facebook, but these appear to be playing a more predominant roll than they used to. There are also quite a number of anomalies I have not yet figured out about how PR is passed out amongst those sites. For example, I have one FB fan page with only 444 likes with a PR3 that I almost never used since I started it and other fan pages with thousands of followers have only PR1.

Well this is a bit of a mouthful, but I still have a page of follow up information on Page Rank to add here that I'm just final editing. I'll ad the follow up article to this shortly, or put it up as an all new post.
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