How PageRank in Google+ is Earned. G+ Link Myths Busted!
This will be Part 2 of my Google+ PageRank series.
If you're new to this topic Part 1 is the embedded link below.
My first post dispelled the popular myth that Google+ does not have PageRank, but apparently stirred up a lot more questions than it answered. I did not however, receive any serious disagreement from any well known Google+ SEO, or AuthorRank experts. On the contrary, many very popular G+ writers either commented, shared, or plussed the article.

By the way, if you think this article is exceptionally informative, don't just plus it, share it. I'm about to explain how that benefits me with a little G+PR for the day I spent writing this. ;-)

Now I'm going to start answering those questions on how profiles earned their G+PR (abbreviating for simplicity). Get ready for more popular myths to be busted...

One popular idea that even I myself entertained, is that your G+PR may have to do with the number of followers you have. This has now been thoroughly debunked.
G+PR has nothing to do with the amount of followers you have.

Another popular yet already mostly disproved myth, is that +1's give you link juice. "Link juice" is a term loosely defined, but is in fact PR. PageRank is an algorithm based on "backlinks" (or links) and the PR that is passed has sometimes been referred to as link juice.

Which brings up an opposite myth to bust, that all +1's do not give you any benefit (ie. PR). In fact, if a plussers +1 page is public & they don't have too many, then their +1 can give you a link on that page & technically link juice. However that will be seriously diluted by the continuing links accumulated there. Google+ Business Pages can definitely not give link juice through +1, cause they don't have a +1 page.

Which begs the question, If you don't get G+PR from plusses, or followers, where do you get it from?

Well PageRank is very specifically a fairly complex hierarchical link crediting algorithm. So you get your G+PR from links to your profile within Google+, but not only. You would also get G+PR from any web page linking to your G+ profile, presumably even from your own G+ Authorship Snippets.

[Update: BTW, links from all G+ profiles would not have equal value, based on the core principles of PageRank users with higher PR who refer to you would have to be giving you far more G+PR than users with lower PR. But that's another post I'll follow up on.]

Which brings me to the main myth I'm here to bust, that all, or even most links in G+ are "nofollow". I love the way one comment this week firmly stated this myth, LOL...

"All links from G+ are nofollow, so there's no PageRank transfer. Nofollow isn't a leaking condom, so you won't get PageRank pregnant."

In fact, not only are most links in G+ "follow" links, but that is where most of your G+PR comes from. I know this from a separate project I just finished researching very thoroughly & I will go into in a follow up to this. Suffice it to say, I have compared the relationship of thousands of references to specific individuals within G+ and their resulting PR.

So now I'm going to break it down for you & anyone with a "nofollow" plugin for your browser can verify these. You can also dissect them from this pages source code.

1. Profile link referencing me as author of this post is "follow".

2. The same link will become "nofollow" when this post is shared.

3. A tag to your own G+ user profile within the post will be "follow" :
    +Joshua Berg (all tags are are translated into "follow" links)

4. PR is actually passed through User ID URL's, not Vanity URL's:
    +Larry Page (this tag is translated into a "followed" ID URL)

5. Links posted as Vanity URL's & even G+ links are all "nofollow" : ("Page" Rank was named after)

6. Links to all external sites within any post are "nofollow" :

7. A tag to the same sites G+ Page does pass PR and is "follow" :

8. When you comment below, your profile's link will be "nofollow".

9. Anyone you mention (tag) in the comments will be "follow" :
"I'm sharing this post cause I love it +Joshua Berg".

10. Any business page you tag in any comments will be "follow".

11. Any external URL you refer to in comments will be "nofollow".

12. Main posts embedded URL, such as Part 1 below is "follow":

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