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🎉It happened...

Almost 4 months ago- my life changed.....

I was extremely frustrated with where I was in life, I felt an overwhelming sense of being "stuck", and the road ahead looked bleak and dim.

Before you get to preaching about my "down in the dumps"- please know- I am saved and have the Lord in my life. He is my rock and my foundation and my saving grace.

BUT- regardless of my spiritual life- I felt like I was missing something. I knew there had to be so much more to life than where I was standing. I didn't know what it was at the time- I just knew and prayed that something greater would come into my life- something that would bless my family beyond my wildest dreams...

Soon after- I had a chat with my friend Katie. She had access to this amazing skin care product, that had completely transformed my acne infested skin. I absolutely loved the products- they were the FIRST skin care products that had actually worked in the past 15 years! (I told my friends about the products and sent them Katies way.... ) Then katie told me I should start the business and THEN share it with my friends- I LAUGHED! I was like, "lady- you have not a clue what my life looks like... I am running ragged- fighting tooth and nail to keep up with the heaping plate full I have already.... There is no way I could add ONE MORE THING."!

Ya know- it's funny that when we "pray for a boat" and God sends it our way- we generally say: "nope- I'm good"- even though we are bobbing off the bottom of the lake....

True story! I had prayed for something different- something in my life to change- and when that change was in my face- I immediately shot it down!

Thankfully- Katie knew the power her team and company had- so she continued to share with me exactly why and how this business would change my life and fit perfectly into my day to day. After contemplating a bit longer- I finally said YES! I accepted the "life boat", jumped in it and started rowing... as fast as I could!! I was so tired of floundering- Livin pay check to pay check- not having money or time for anything but the basics.... Do you know the feeling!?

So- when I found my direction and was given the tools I needed- I focused my sites and did as I was instructed.

By the end of the very first month- I was able to completely cover the initial investment into my business.... The next 2 pay checks that I have received have GROWN BIGGER every month!! It is AMAZING...

But- through all this- do you know "What REALLY happened"!?

MY DREAMS STARTED COMING TRUE... I desperately DESIRED TIME FREEDOM. I wanted so bad to have the ability to spend time with my children- and cherish the memories we could make together. (It makes my eyes water just thinking about it....)

And ya know what?


Because of Rodan + Fields- I was able to pack up my 5 kids, all the medical supplies and clothes needed for a month-and take off on road trip to Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota! (Yes- It would be sweeter if my husband was here- but he had to run the ranch.... Next year- he will be us! ;) ) Currently- I am camping out at our friends house in South Dakota, surrounded by my babies, friends and the stunning beauty of the endless sky.


I would not have been able to do this with my "Prairie Faith Designs" business- because I have to be by my machines and keep my hands moving if I want to make money- I wouldn't be able to this if I had a 9-5 job- because I would kinda have to show up for work, and I am taking off an extended amount of time....

I am only able to be right here BECAUSE of Rodan + Fields.

Friends- it's too good for you to miss out! If you don't at least learn a little more about the business- you are not just missing out on the HUGE opportunity the business offers- you are missing out on LIVING LIFE.

You are missing out on PRICELESS MOMENTS.

You are missing out on YOUR DREAMS!!

My desire is for YOU to LIVE FULLY.

We hear every day how short life really is- so make the absolute MOST of it- while ya have it!!

I urge you not to cross this "home based business" off your list until you have heard the facts, what it is all about and how simple it really is to add to your daily grind.

Don't let this "life boat" pass you by.

Just like the "Proactiv" skin care- everyone will know what Rodan + Fields is....they may as well learn about it through you- while you LIVE your life, like you have never lived before!

Just know- I will keep telling you how amazing Rodan + Fields is- because I fully believe in the business- AND because I don't want you to be jealous of me when I am lying on the beach, soaking up the warm sunshine- I WANT YOU THERE WITH ME!

You get to decide if YOU want to MAKE IT HAPPEN! ;)

Let's talk today!

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