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#41 - 2012 Porsche Cayenne
When Porsche first announced the Cayenne SUV in 2001, I got
it. The concept was simple – data showed that a large percentage of Porsche
buyers also owned a luxury car or sport utility vehicle. Porsche didn’t have
something their customers wanted. This is th...

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Is the new 718 a proper Porsche?
Every Porsche evolution since 1965 seems to begin with the same cry: "They've ruined it!" Usually these complaints center around issues like weight, sound, design, and, most of all... tradition. The Porsche owner community values tradition over almost all o...

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The Cars of Lynne
A few years back, on a Porsche Club of America driving tour of the great mountain roads that surround Asheville, North Carolina, I witnessed a near divorce. We were pushing kinda fast that day, to be honest probably too fast. Suddenly one of the other cars ...

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What's With the Whole Car Thing?
I'm occasionally asked, "What is it about cars, why do you care about them so much?" Usually the person asking is a friend or acquaintance with a history of minivans or beige Camrys, so I know my answer, no matter how concise and insightful, will no doubt f...

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Blyth Brothers Hit Big Time!
I enjoy the Blyth Brothers car blog for a couple of reasons. We share an interest in 1980s European cars, and I served with their father in the US Army in Germany during that very same decade. The boys, Graham and Taylor, mix a solid knowledge of engineerin...

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The 80's: Performance and Style Strike Back
Driving through the Poconos last summer we were passed by a well-preserved BMW M6, probably about an '87. I got to thinking about how much I wanted one of those beautiful machines at the time and started rolling across some internal list of my favorite cars...

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I'm No Edd China, But Time To Try
(Note: I write a tech column in the  Hurricane Region, Porsche Club of America newsletter . Desperate for content for the blog, I decided to begin plagiarizing myself.) The car enthusiast hobby has changed a lot
since I caught the bug as a teenager. You pro...

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Where Should I Get My Oil Changed? Finding a Mechanic
(Note: I write a tech column in the Hurricane Region, Porsche Club of America newsletter . Desperate for content for the blog, I decided to begin plagiarizing myself.) One question that has come up lately, mostly from newer members, is where to
take a car f...

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Where Did You Go?
This space has been a bit quiet lately. Too quiet. There are a couple of reasons for this, the most obvious being that blogging is hard work! The time to develop good topics and craft a post that doesn't suck takes time and effort — time and effort I've bee...

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Car Mistakes
Have you ever bought a car, only to realize it was the wrong car? It may not be something you realize right away. In my case it crept up on me slowly over a period of months. But after six months and a cross country drive, I knew I had somehow bought the wr...
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