Cool: I made a (working) proof of concept of a DbgHelp.dll proxy, which can also use Delphi .map files for the symbol lookup!

First I made a simple program to load all exports of dbghelp.dll, and which generates a unit to load these original functions (of and use "asm jmp <originalproc> end;" for each proxy function.
Next I created a new dbghelp.dll (in Delphi) which acts just as a proxy for the original
By using ProcesExplorer and ProcesHacker (and by setting breakpoints for all(!) functions) as "Host Application" I could debug and see which functions they use to retrieve the symbols for the stack of a thread. I implemented these 2 functions, and by using a modified version jclDebug.pas, it loads a .map file for the remote process.

The result: see these 2 images for ProcesExplorer and ProcessHacker.

Note: you must first change the symbol dll setting!:
Proces Explorer > Options -> Configure Symbols
Proces Hacker -> Hacker -> Options -> Symbols

Note 2: only works for 32bit, maybe someone can help/try to convert it to 64bit too?
Note 3: unknown server error by google code... so cannot commit the code + dlls yet :(
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