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Trying to compile a new VCL project for Linux using but I get this error
[DCC Fatal Error] Vcl.Forms.pas(31): F2613 Unit 'WinUtils' not found.
(and I cannot find this unit on disk! so am I doing something wrong +CrossVcl Team? )
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I get memleaks and AV's when using FastMM with FMX. It seems the weakref instance map is released AFTER fastmm is unloaded!? I this a known structural problem with weak links? (seems a bad architecture to me...)


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Bummer, a big showstopper with Berlin 10.1.2: an object with an indexed property getter crashes the debugger! Please +Marco Cantù we need a fix for this!

For example the code below and add "t.test.typedstring" to the watchlist gives "Function to be called, TBaseDataRecord.GetStringField, was eliminated by linker" and after continueing:
Assertion failure: "!e32->evalArgs.evalFCallPending"
in ..\win32src\proc32.cpp at line 1830
OK Details >>


TTestDataRecord = class(TBaseDataRecord)
property Test: TTypedStringField index 0 read GetStringField;


t: TTestDataRecord;
s: string;
t := TTestDataRecord.Create;
s := t.Test.TypedString;

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Special for +Lars Fosdal: I have added the option to profile only when the UI is busy (see nr 4 below).

Note: when you double click on a procedure (at number 9) it will show you all stack traces of this procedure (in tab at number 10)
Note 2: results (nr 8) are only a flat list of procedures (no caller/callee). Every procedure which is found in a call stack is counted, the ones with the highest counts are encountered the most and should be inspected by double clicking (#9) and scrolling through the stacks (#10) to see why it is busy at those moments

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Cool, the semantic merge mechaniscm is available for Delphi files too now! So instead of merging and diff'ing line by line, it understands procedures, functions, uses statements etc.

I can really recommend this great version control system, merging and branching (and the GUI) is a lot better than for example Git.

Note: it already can sync with git (push and pull from github, bitbucket etc) and they are working on git server support too (so the plastic server itself "speaks" git with git clients :) )

#scm #delphi #plasticscm 

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Cool, the semantic merge mechaniscm is available for Delphi files too now! So instead of merging and diff'ing line by line, it understand procedures, functions, uses statements etc.

#scm   #delphi   #plasticscm  
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Funny, using Winapi.MMSystem.timeBeginPeriod(1) the TWAIN scanning speed doubled! (scanner = fi-5650C, with feeder)
Without it, it pauses randomly between pages, probably it uses sleep(1) internally for waiting for next data block? And sleep(1) takes 15ms normally, but with timeBeginPeriod it becomes really 1ms :)

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Does anyone know how to do this kind of stuff in Delphi?
So http but also tcp tunneling/proxy/forwarding? (transparent!)
Originally shared by ****
How to Tunnel HTTP-Protocol with a Simple Java Proxy Server through a Firewall?
A small Java example (with less than 400 Lines of Code) which demonstrates: How to tunnel HTTP protocol through a firewall? A client side proxy server called HttpProxyAdapterClient and a server component called HttpProxyAdapterServer.
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