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Emma J King
Physicist, LRPer, goth, fan - not necessarily in that order.....
Physicist, LRPer, goth, fan - not necessarily in that order.....

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This is hysterical and awesome! +Joe Rooney, are you aware of this?!?
I'm a vegetarian, not a vegan, but this video of Vegan Black Metal Chef preparing a Pad Thai is hilarious and informative.

I'm posting this especially for my friend +Tydal Canon who will love it.

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I'm a qualified first aider myself these days, but this is definitely good advice! Another tip we learned on the course - if you are somewhere where they have one of those AED portable Defib machines, USE IT! You don't need training, they come with very clear instructions, voice commands that talk you through the whole process, and have lots of fancy sensors so will NOT give a shock if one isn't needed. Just open it up, turn it on & do what it says. You literally can't go wrong.
The British Heart Foundation has launched a new advertising campaign urging people to forget "mouth-to-mouth" and to concentrate on chest compressions when performing CPR.

For anyone who is feeling astronomically minded, the Quadrantids peak at 7am tomorrow, so if you're up, stick your head out of the window & see if you can see any!

Ah, marvelous. I have just spent about 2 hours trying to fix something on a website, and then, about 10 minutes after I give up, it fixes itself. Clearly not an issue at my end, but no way of telling that until the problem miraculously evaporated! *bangs head against desk*

It could at least have had the decency to fix itself while I was still randomly tweaking the code, to make me fell like I was doing something of use.... :/

Happy Christmas, everyone....

Morning, all, & a very joyous winter solstice to you!

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So, I finally created a page for Huntley Wood, for anyone who is interested.....

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Run down of some really good and interesting physics stories from 2011 here....

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Pure genius!
Totally inspired by Terry Border with his work at "Bent Objects", with maybe a little Gary Larson (The Far Side) thrown in for good measure.
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All the reasons we should all love spiders...
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