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A Daydreamer's Thoughts
A personal blog with many opinions on different movies and books.
A personal blog with many opinions on different movies and books.

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Welcome to this new community to share our love of UKYA!

Use this place to share your favourite books via reviews and discussions.

Tell people about events coming up, such as UKYA Extravaganza in Nottingham!

Let people know about YOUR book!

Share news about new book announcements and books you're really excited for.

Just use this space to keep the love alive for UKYA!

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Do you love UKYA fiction? Want to talk about it? Share your favourites? Come and join my new community! 
You can add your reveiws, create discussion topics and share events with upcoming authors!

I posted reviews this week! Plus I posted my top ten bookish resolutions. There are New Adult Tour posts, links to other interesting blog articles and the books I've gotten recently! Check all that and more here;

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Are you looking for a good New Adult book to read? You should find out why I liked The Secret of Ella and Micha so much!

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Jonathan Stroud and Amy McCulloch are lovely people who I had the chance to meet! Find out what they had to say about their books here;

We all read in different ways with different habits. But do you read more than one book at a time? Discuss this with me!

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Want to find out about another blogger? Check out my blogger spotlight interview! :D

It's National Libraries Day! Check out my post on why libraries are magical places here; #NLD #Books #libraries #blog

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Divergent was amazing, Insurgent was better. Check out more of my thoughts here;

Have you seen my review of The Lost Prince yet? You so know you want to! Check it out here
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