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Catherine Thatch
I write and drink coffee.
I write and drink coffee.

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Shouting Into a Void: Office-Holders, Please Stop Appealing to the President-Elect’s Humanity
Good office-holders like De Blasio & Elizabeth Warren communicate to the president-elect assuming he has the capacity to be moved, or fondly recall. Their appeals assume he is reasonable and that he might have any concern for others’ interests & well-being....

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My treasured Alasdair, @Heedurumho, @DavieKayso, @jessicahwk & @Paulsin2,
I knew right from the very start That I’d enjoy Prudencia Hart But what I couldn’t know Was what rich seeds the play would sow; Rather than with oft-repeated views becoming tiring, The whole became so much - then ever more & more - inspiring. Expertly coord...

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In forty-seven seconds, the most fun you will have all day. If you're in the right mood, or the wrong one, this could be the cure for what ails you.

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Snaps from a tremendous (as usual) Thanksgiving at Mimi's house. <3
Thanksgiving at Mimi's <3
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Boring Personal Notebook!
I'm not a blogger. I occasionally scribble & click 'publish'; there's a difference these days. However, they still call what this thing is that I'm typing into a 'blog', so I had better do what one does, and update it.  Maybe we should stop calling the bori...

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Literary Fireworks in a Cracked Article
From a "listicle" at Cracked : “...I was on a ton of painkillers. If you've only had them for minor injuries and in smaller doses, you probably don't know about the hallucinations. By comparison, I was lucky: My roommate was tripping hard on his drug cockta...

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Of Ice Ghosts & Unlocked Passageways
I became a Polar Popsicle. A subfreezing rocket of wind hammered my forehead every step northbound on my block during the Siberian Express the other day. When I turned the corner into the protection of some buildings, I thought, "Whew, so relieved!" Then my...

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HAHAHAHA yay to some clever peep in lord knows where, usa, for making me lol. :D

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Hands Up, Don't Shoot.

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whistles ;)
From the Desk Of +James Gunn: Ravager Conference

"jamesgunn: #gotgpicoftheday In Knowhere, apparently making some sort of difficult choice. With @michael_rooker #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy"

+Guardians of the Galaxy
+Marvel Entertainment
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