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Dog Trainer, Service Dogs and Service Dog Training
Dog Trainer, Service Dogs and Service Dog Training


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NBC News Affiliate, WPTV Florida, Features Autism Service Dog, Dacen's Story  #Autism   #AutismAwareness   #servicedogs   #Canines4Hope   #dogs   #dogtrainer  
Parents with son on the autism spectrum turn to service dog to stop their son from leaving.

A major concern for parents of children with autism is they can quickly run away without knowing where they are going.
Vanessa LeBlanc remembers the day her six-year-old son, Dacen, bolted from their house. 

That's when they decided to add Bastogne to their family. He is a service dog trained by Canines for Hope in Palm City.      


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WPTV NBC News does a feature story about Canines 4 Hope trained Service Dogs. #servicedogs   #servicedogsrock   #dogs

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WPEC-TV CBS 12 News did a story tonight about service dogs featuring Canines 4 Hope Dog Training and service dog trainer, Jason DeVito along with two service dogs Shiloh and Preston both trained by Canines 4 Hope. Check it out.

 Mans Best Friend Saving Lives
 Story by Jenna Caiazzao/CBS 12

 PALM CITY, Fla. - Meet Shiloh and Preston. To their owners, these two dogs are heroes. They are service dogs - trained to help people cope with autism, epilepsy, OCD and post traumatic stress.

 Jason Devito owns Canines 4 Hope and he said "They can reduce the amount of medicine that they take for their disability by nearly half as a result of having a dog in their life."

 DeVito is a certified service dog and obedience trainer - who helped people like this little autistic boy be able to walk through the grocery store with ease.

 But the service dog industry has been compromised over the years. Companies are popping up, allowing you to pay a fee over the Internet to register your dog as a service dog.

 But DeVito said a true service dog is one who is calm and trained to save lives. Preston is being trained to alert a young girl before she has a life threatening seizure.

 This family spends every day making sure people with disabilities have a shoulder to lean on.

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