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November 11 - the No Email Day!

Just got a nice documentary featured our friend.. +Luis Suarez .. :-)
I have just posted it in our in-house social platform, and how let's see how it will spread in G+..

PS. Thanks to +Sean Winter for sharing the link!

#outsidetheinbox #lawwe #holidays #noemailday
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+Isabelle Ayel thanks for dropping by. Well, dependency and misuse of Email makes the connection poor and selfish.. it has become a social habit and a bad business habit.. it is very hard to un-learn a habit, especially a bad one... I think, that's what +Luis Suarez try to tell us. Right?
Ah Soooo.. well, if you are in a narrow-broad-band land, then normal way of using E-mail doesn't work, too.. I have several experiences in sharing relatively large files with colleagues, on my business trip, thanks to the fact that my files were on our in-house social platform. I just have to share the links or tell them the tag name. Is that more difficult?
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