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063Langley EvansChamplain
The official name is 6King6Raoh6 I will change it when eligible.
The official name is 6King6Raoh6 I will change it when eligible.

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You must unlearn what you learned in public school before you can even debate.
Just don't even try it.
Just erase your memory and
Start at #AboriginalAmericansArentAfrican

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We can get free fuel and energy from the sun free food and it can heal any disease made by mankind.
So ask yourself do you really believe that nonsense that Ra is evil and demonic?

Ra is the Most high and Melanin people with 9 ether wooly are his seeds.

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Plastic waste.
Who the fuck is dumping plastic in the ocean in total disregard for the marine life?

It has to be some greedy corporate wypipo.
Because remember according to their stats black people are poor and uneducated.

So I'm sure uneducated people don't own plastic companies. 

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Think about it;before you swirl.

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Thank some of you for waking up.
Doesn't it feel good to know the truth?

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The state and municipalities and federal law enforcement agencies are paid terrorist.
Paid to keep the aboriginal Americans from ever gaining independence and nationalism.
If you depend on The state then they stay in power.

If you are independent and have your own national standards then they are trespassing.

If you are persons and depend on the federal government they print your money manage your resources and tax you for being authority figures.
The key to ending wypipo fake supremacy is nationalism.
Something Hitler and Noble drew Ali tried to teach you.

“Whites with badges & guns are State commissioned racial terrorists masquerading as representatives of the law. Always be ready to protect & defend your family & self against white police terrorism.” – NBFSN

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All aborigines are to be made prisoners of war. 

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How to handle white aggression.

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Crush them in thought.
Do not hesitate. 

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Think it out of existence.
Stop being distracted by all of the lights.
And get rid of your nightmare. 
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