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Global Android Dev Camp - Berlin
Get ongoing information about the Android Hackathon in Berlin (17th-19th Feb 2012) #GADCBLN
Get ongoing information about the Android Hackathon in Berlin (17th-19th Feb 2012) #GADCBLN


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The Ceremony is done!!! Epic GTUG´s / Developers. Without you it wasn't possible to organized these epic Event´s all over the World!

#gddde #gadc #gadcbln +Global Android Dev Camp
+Android in Berlin & many more great Community things are here at +Droidcon Berlin !!!
GTUG Ceremony droidcon 2012 Berlin (25 Fotos)
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Vote Vote Vote! #GADC
Please vote for your favourite #GADC app clicking Like or +1!
The presentation ceremony will take place on Tuesday, March 13 at +Droidcon Berlin.
gadc App Store |
gadc App Store |

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Please upload your +Global Android Dev Camp apps to Nexva for the public voting of the best global app! #GADC #gadcbln
@ All participants of the #GADC:
If you haven't uploaded your apps to yet please go for it now!

The award ceremony will be on March 13, 2012 at +Droidcon Berlin in Germany.
gadc App Store |
gadc App Store |

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Feedback wanted! #GADC
As you know: We love feedback!

So far, the organizers of more than 30 local #GADC events worldwide sent us their feedback on the 1. Global Android Dev Camp and help us with their input to create an even more awesome Dev Camp next year.

So, if you haven't filled in the feedback form yet, it's your turn now!
Please take 2 minutes and tell us what you liked most and what can be improved in 2013!

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Don't forget to publish your +Global Android Dev Camp app at Nexva so that people can vote vor it!
@ All participants of the #GADC worldwide:
Have you already uploaded the apps you created to our public voting platform so that everyone can vote for your app?

If not: GO FOR IT NOW!

The award ceremony for the best global app takes place on March 13, 2012 at +Droidcon Berlin.
gadc App Store |
gadc App Store |

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Our #gadc application MoneyBeam is pure awesome. We're using Android Beam to request money from other people. At the moment MoneyBeam is running within the Sandbox, so you can toy around without actually having to pay any money at the moment.

Let's see if we'll win the global competition and get some nice Asus Transformers. Download and rate it here:

/cc +Tim Messerschmidt #gadcbln

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A bit sad it's all over now. But it was great to be a part of all this.
So guys, that's a wrap for now. We hope you enjoyed all your weekends full of #Android #Hacking . We certainly did and it was amazing to see what #GTUG and Android User Groups can do by themselves.

If you don't already have please submit your app to the Nexva-App-Store we created for this event. Details can be found on the link below. If you experience any problems with your submission try to report it to Nexva first and if this doesn't help contact us.

In order to win you just have to have the best voting for your app among all participants. The final announcement of the global winner will happen on March 13th at the +Droidcon Berlin Barcamp (time is still tba).

If you want to share the source code inform your local organizer so he/she can fork your personal GitHub-repo into our organization: (currently 19 repositories, be sure to check out the fork-source if it's newer).


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Team BISMO took a lot of photos during #gadcbln and put them on +EyeEm. #gadc

Take a look:

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A thank you to our sponsors!

+BlueVia +PayPal +Developer Garden +Droidcon Berlin +compuccino +soundcloud +YOUISNOW +Geeklist +T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

Readmill, Pressmatrix, Open-Xchange, neofonie mobile and of course +c-base spacestation.

You guys really rock!

#gadcbln #gadc

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Some more pics of the #GADC #gadcbln :
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