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None of them have my ear.....I hear them but don't listen.

Their methods are dated, opportunistic, institutionalized, out of touch and ineffective.

Al Sharpton does not have my ear: Why we need new black leadership now

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Free to do as you please, to anyone you please, anywhere you please; when you have the money & power to it

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I get tires of reading these reports. While there are REAL institutional & societal mechanisms design to repress and disenfranchise......

BLACKS (all versions of them) are not doing enough to control our own destiny as a group.

It starts in the home and community.

We own nothing (5%) of businesses and services in our communities.

We are loyal to passionate yet ineffective individuals for change

We do not understand the power of image, habits, culture, behavior thus stereotypes

We do not understand how the American stst eff my truly works, so we expect and demand but do not influence through political participation

We have now embraced an artificial reality of self which is arrogant ignorance and divisive individualism amongst ourself coupled with self hate (who many of you have true black/African art in your homes?)

So we fight.......Unfortunately, we fight each other.

Focus on your kids (the world's future)....stop passing down generational ignorance which leads to generational poverty.

I'll stop there for now.

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Rodman Drunk as hell!

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I watched this movie as part of an assignment a year ago. This movie as a Racist and Civil War revisionist gem.

I hope I live to see the day when African Americans began to take ourselves (collectively) and our American history serious.

This film illustrates some of most damaging racist views and fears held against blacks.

Unfortunately, these poisonous views has survived through generational indoctrination (in various degrees).

I recommend everyone who can endure a silent film; to watch this.

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I would expound on this article but it's not worth the misunderstanding and emotional response that follows.

I will say this....certain religions were specifically intended for the poorest and less fortunate.

Imagine having "faith" that your shitty life is irrelevant because the true life comes after.

You spend the years of your life accepting disenfranchisement (physically & spiritualy) void of the many experiences that gives our life meaning and substance.

All the while those who stand on top of these specific religious institutions reap all the material advantages of being a "shepherd".

In a debate, I was once asked, " would you prefer to be a sheep or a goat".

The question was loaded metaphorically being we were having a debate regarding spirituality (me) vs. Religion (he).

I answered, a Goat!

Followed by....A sheep will follow it's leader off a cliff to it's death but a goat will kick you in the ass if you tried that!

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I agree, He said nothing wrong or offensive. In fact, African Americans has less connections than any group in America and it is mostly maintained that way through the lack of collective relations and identification between African Americans,

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Seriously, why are we surprised to hear intolerant, racist, discriminatory, regressive nonsense from people LIKE this?

Unfortunately, they are usually the "American" Christian voice, in fact; it seems as though the virulent aggressors in American history are tried & true "Christians" just like their predecessors.

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You know, I have to remind myself of American history in regards to the experiences of African Americans.

The extreme circumstances of slavery, segregation, and hate; have been minimized due to the deliberate attempt to avoid the story, unlike european atrocities namely the Holocaust. ..

It's been as little as 60 years where extreme racism was overt...that generation is still alive along with their children who can be found in all walks of life in America.

This is common.
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