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Nathan Gehring
No longer using this profile..find me here:
No longer using this profile..find me here:


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Well, might as well get this started.

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Let's hope they can recapture some of the magic of the original!

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FYI - I am no longer using this Google+ profile. I switched to my Google Apps account and was under the impression the migration tool would also move those who had circled me. Apparently, not so. Please circle me here instead:

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Bielema has come a long way since he first became coach. Awesome!

So...I just ordered a Nexus 7. Guess I should look to sell my HP Touchpad to get a few bucks back.

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A while back we announced plans for a tool that would help you transfer your circles from one Google+ account to another and ensure that your followers are automatically directed to your new, preferred profile.  Today, anyone can visit Google Takeout and click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”:  For more information, check out this help center article.  Thanks again for being so patient!

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Now that would have been a title!

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I really enjoyed Wool +Mike Barad . I wonder though, do you think he really wanted to end the story there?

I just can't figure out the breathing in the freestyle stroke!
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