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RankWise SEO Optimization (SEO dashboard, SEO scan, SEO advice & management)

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At +RankWise we recycle too you know 

We are very semi self conscious and never let anything go to waste so here we are back and besides +martin shervington told us we could come back if we promised to follow him :D

+Nicholas Chimonas please like if.. Still getting used to it. +Nicholas Chimonas plus +1 if you like!

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Bird of a feather? Circle together we say!
courtesy of mr. +martin shervington. A gentlemen as always. 

#sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #gedeeldekringen  
New Engagers for start May!
Here are a friendly bunch of people who have been very active in my posts and in the communities over the past couple of weeks. 
Please note: I am not in this circle so if you are in it...please SHARE and ADD it in as you are likely to find people to whom you will relate - it will all help to grow your network.
Have fun :D
#newengagers   #circle  

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Oops Alexia Tsosis did it again... Stupid woman. 
Writer 'Google+ walking dead Alexia Tsosis druk again?!

Worry no more if you ever where. She's is best know in the real tech startup world for being a bad drunk all over screwing things up.

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Laatste plekken voor € 39 voor mijn Google+ cursus 29-4 Eindhoven #GooglePlus

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+Matt Cutts answered the question, how you can prevent to buy a bad domain or check to see if a domain (which you bought) was previously in trouble with Google. 

» search for the domain (if she already contain content» you should find her)
» check the domain archive
» decide because of what you buy a special domain whether create a new one?

#SEO   #domain   #domainarchive  

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Post has shared content
Google Slaps Another Guest Blog Network: PostJoint

+Barry Schwartz writes on +Search Engine Land:

Someone tweeted to Matt that PostJoint was penalized. In fact, if you check out Google for a search on their name, their web site no longer ranks on the first page.

Matt Cutts this morning confirmed it on Twitter saying “any link or guest blog network that claims to have “zero footprints” is waving a giant red flag.

#GoogleSEO #BlogNetwork #ManualAction  

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Are you a Boolean black belt on Google=? by +Boolean Black Belt, Glen Cathey 
+Boolean Black Belt, Glen Cathey *on finding people on Google+

A favorite of mine from the attic. Use Google Search parameters boolean style to find people in a city or at a company. Very handy stuff explained well. This sort of thing is timeless I guess. 

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #googlesearchtips   #googlesearch  

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A great update to the Wordpress platform. Check it out and see all the goodies. Some long awaited features that will make life a lot easier for anyone using Wordpress.

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Behold the beauty of Gaussian functions 

Bell curves.. The bikini shot equivalent for devoted, and slightly disturbed , master of content marketing!* 

#socialmedia   #SEA   #googleplus  
The tide is rising for Google+ (NEW BLOG)
This Google+ thing is going to happen folks...
Check out this timely post on adoption rates, a little speculation, and a lot of 'ocean' metaphor.
With Plus Post ads now starting to roll out, we will see the bar to entry for brands to enter lower - they simply won't have to work 'as hard' on building Pages to gain 'eye balls'; at the same time, the field of 'social ad optimization' will begin to emerge on Google+. Exciting times.
#googleplus   #pluspostsads  
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