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Property and technology in my DNA
Property and technology in my DNA


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Check out Swipe Property
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Are you looking at achieving up to a 15% rental yield in a stable European property market?
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The snowman

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It's all about reviews if your looking to build your online presence. I have been singing off this Hymn sheet for a couple of years now

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Hey Guys,
Can I ask your opinion on this video. It's a new plugin were giving agents for free to help manage viewings. It plugs into your portal , in this video I'm using an example of Daft an Irish Portal.
Do you understand what it does from the video? #lettingagents #tenants #viewings

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You know that feeling right?

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Has your photography appeared in the Hall of Shame?
How to Make Sure Your Property Photos Appear in my Wall of Shame

Have you seen my Wall of Shame? Here’s the link – - grab a cup of coffee and marvel at the wonderful property photography there, courtesy of your industry colleagues, your competition, or perhaps even you…..

 In case you aspire to the lofty heights of such fame, here’s a handy checklist to make sure that your photos have the chance of making the grade.

•Never stop and frame the image  - clicking that shutter in a rush creates an often-pleasing blurred effect, perfect for those cluttered rooms.

•Don’t miss those nooks and crannies – random corners, corridors and even the odd bush, all make it into the Wall of Shame with regularity.

•Always include the vendor – it makes them feel special if they are featured in their property photographs.

•Don’t forget their pets – they should have pride of place in the pictures too, it’s only fair.

•Keep unusual objects in the frame – they often create a welcome distraction for the potential buyer.

•Never tidy anything- it’s not your job, after all.

•Don’t worry if your shots are seasonal – no one will notice if your snowy photos are used in June, or daffodil pictures in October.

•If it was raining on the day of the shoot, add a fake blue sky  - it will add colour and interest to your external property images.

•Screenshot the last agents’ photos on your phone if you can’t be bothered to go and take new ones. 

•Include the odd selfie – the odder the better.  Mirrors are great for this.

I hope this post has been helpful.  Let me know if you’d like any photography tips and advice, as my Wall of Shame has hundreds of examples I can direct you to, if you want to get that shot just right. 

Do you get my Supertips, just for estate agents? They’re packed with great advice and strategies on everything from Rightmove hacks to more terrific photography dos and don’ts. Click here for yours.

What to read next: Ditch the Tech!

Speak to Sam: If you’d like to have a chat about how you can do it differently, drop me a line at I’d love to hear from you.

#estateagents #realestate #supertips

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Mondays mean returning to the office after the weekend or even worse holiday #propertymanagers   #rentals  

I am looking at writing a blog post on "letting agents pet hates" so I need your help. What really irritates you when your working? Is it showing a property to tenants how get lost? Showing a property and then being told they cant move in for until 3 months? A Landlord looking for fair in excess of what a property is worth? Why not direct mail me and I can include your pet hate, I will keep it anonymous ;-@ #lettingagents   #propertymanagement  #tenants #landlords   #rentalproperty  

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How are you creating graphics for your social media? I started to use Canva and I wrote a blog on how easy it is for Letting Agents to do the same
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