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schematic design:

PLease, from people that tested and can share this expertie for the vignette clarifies the working table clearance should it be 3ft or 5ft. I see the NCARB guideline and is 3ft

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+Michelle NCARB, +Nick NCARB,+Laura Baiamonte Ncarb
Have a couple of questions?
Building Layout building please review and comment?
I have a question on item #3 of the building layout see images?

Interior Layout Vignette:
Question 1: Clearance in front of the working Table
Question 2: Is this what they mean 18" clearance please see the image on the interior layout for further clarification.
I appreciate your feedback, thinks ahead of time
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I am practicing diffrents layouts
Below is the Schematic Design Dorf Interior Layout -vignette 1.
Please review +Nick NCARB, +Michelle NCARB, +Laura
Baiamonte Ncarb.
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+Nick NCARB, +Michelle NCARB
Would appreciate feedback thanks guys.

Would someone please post the link for ate are 5.0 community in googles?

For building system does anyone recommend looking at a different vignette aside from the mains Bs Ncarb Guidelines layout if yes which one?

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+Nick NCARB and +Michelle NCARB
Need clarification for the building system vignette light layout on the Architecture Office.
1.As I have read in the ARE community post and Nalsa, I understand that it will be preferable to have a 6 ft at the side for clearance space between the light and 4 ft apart at the ends of a 2x4 with (a radius 4 ft or 8ft diameter got it to have a 50fc ). However this layout doesn’t allow to do the 6ft clearances. If I do my accent lights will be cut out by the metal ceiling grid which need the 80 fc. So is this layout acceptable Nick or Michelle?

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Please review +Nick NCARB +Ryan NCARB
Thanks ahead, appreciate feedback.

Building System,
Which HVAC system is better for hospitals, keep regular fresh air and prevent contamination /

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+Nick NCARB, please review and comment on my first attempt to the BS vignette. Greatly appreciated .
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