Thanks for the kind words and I look forward to your new initiatives!

Re: the self-correction of science, my claim was only that science is self-correcting in the long run (but we are surely agreed that bad work delays good science in the short run).

It's an interesting question to ponder how many bad ideas from 100 years ago still survive. Lots of minor factoids probably never get corrected, but major goofs like phlogiston wither eventually, even if they are initially popular.  Am I being too optimistic? What bad scientific ideas from a century ago still linger? 

Where science is cumulative -- and the best science is -- usually someone usually figures out the weakness of the predecessor. (Though sometimes it takes an Einstein, to figure out that Newton's otherwise fabulous theory had some important limitations.)

Of course some of Freud's weaker ideas linger in popular culture, but not so much in academic psychology. (Memes aren't self-correcting the way science is. Bad ideas often spread. Our job is to filter them.)
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