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Homeschool Creations
Free educational printables - homeschool resources - and more
Free educational printables - homeschool resources - and more

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Teach Them Diligently is hosting a big ol' #giveaway with TONS of great prizes to win. You can enter here:

If you have the LEGO Education WeDo set, you can join in the WeDo Challenges here: #legoeducation #legos

Learn more about the Constitution this next week and grab a copy of these FREE Constitution Day printables to go along: #homeschool #hsprintables

How do you keep the #homeschool motivation going with you and your kids? Share a tip today. There are weeks that we add an 'incentive' to finish the week well {a special movie or treat}. What do you do?

Just shared some FREE printables for Constitution Day. Grab them here: #homeschool #hsprintables

Super cute bug drawings from Deep Space Sparkle - check them out! :)

We're using Home Art Studio this year and they have a discount code for you all! Use coupon code HSC2013A and save up to 30% on your order!

How is your school year starting off? What do you need the most help with this year %7Bor struggle with%7D? Leave a comment today and let's see how we can help each other.

Congrats to Mandy on winning the full year of All About Reading. The sale on Level 3 ends SOON! Order now:

Make either apples or pumpkins with this fun fall craft. We're going to have to do it again and make a few decorations for our house:
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