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Another BIG
Some people believe that Android M doesn’t deserve the title of Android 6, mainly because it isn’t as big of an overhaul as previous Android 1.x releases have been or because it doesn’t accompany the visual changes we’ve seen on previous 1.x releases.

While on some level this is true, going over the long list of improvements does really put into perspective how big of an update M truly is.

Let’s go over a categorized list of all the features(and improvements) we will(or might) see on Android M:

Big Improvements
• Now on Tap
• Permissions Management
• SD Cards can be “merged” with internal storage
• Android Pay
• New app and widget drawer with scroll bar support and vertical scrolling
• Automatic app data backups
• Doze and App Standby
• Introduction of a “voice interaction” API to allow better interaction with voice actions in apps
• Multi Window(currently hidden, uncertain future)
• Theming support(currently hidden, uncertain future)
• Dark theme(removed, hidden, uncertain future)

Notable Improvements
• MIDI support
• USB Type C support
• Faster text selection along with a floating toolbar for text actions
• Direct share can allow you directly share stuff with contacts through the share menu
• Smoother volume scrubbing (credits to Jason Efstathiou)
• New “Memory” Section in Settings(it was there before, but hidden)
• Native fingerprint authentication
• App Links (you’re going to see less of those “what do you want to open this in?” prompts)
• Customisable Quick Toggles along with other UI tweaking
• Visual Voicemail Support
• Native 4K output support

Minor Improvements/Changes
• Ability to disable “heads up” or “peeking” notifications
• Redesign of the Clock Widget and Music Identification Widget
• Support for deleting screenshots directly through the notification centre after they’ve been taken
• Landscape mode available for the Google Now Launcher(feature will likely be backported to older versions of Android)
• Built-In File Manager receives a bump in functionality
• Native tap to wake support
• Stricter APK validation
• New boot animation
• Toggling battery saver by voice
• Ability to undo and redo text changes with bluetooth keyboard shortcuts
• Multi-selection to merge, delete or share has been added in the contacts application
• Default apps UI in the settings (
• Granular app info(
• Native bluetooth stylus support
• Split-screen keyboard
• Mobile radio active bug will be fixed
• Better do not disturb along with repeat caller exceptions
• Bluetooth scanning to improve location accuracy
• Native flashlight API
• Easier access to Multi volume controls(ringer, media, alarm)

Putting all that aside there are also a number of under-the-hood changes that seem to have had a very positive impact on both performance and power usage.

I’m puzzled as to how someone could call this a “minor” update. 

Credits: +Android Police​​​

Edit1: I understand that in the history of Android there have been updates that could be considered bigger than the leap from Android 5.1 -> 6, however the entire point of this post to lay down many of the upcoming changes not known to many people, if you still don't believe Android Marshmallow isn't deserving of the 1.x update, I won't blame you.

Edit2: I've been accused a number of times to artifically "inflate" this list because I mentioned very small changes next to the bigger changes. To that I'd say, the list was never meant to go over only the "major" improvements, just the improvements that I found worthy of mentioning in the list. Since then, I've categorized stuff into; big, notable and small improvements. 

Edit3: Another thing people should take into account is the fact that if I wanted to expand this list even further, I could have, by mentioning some of the most arbitrary things coming in M. I just wanted to compile a list of features people would like, and wanted to get this post out the public. If you have any issues with this post, you should've felt free to message me.

Edit4: One thing that apparently slipped away from me was the fact that in the original post I wrote "Let’s go over a list of all the features we will(or might) see on Android M." I forgot to write "improvements" along with the features, because I mentioned both improvements and features. Sorry for the confusion people. :/
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