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SILENCE(Meditation)is the best Way to pass time in the Weekend!PEACE!!

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 A B C of Writing
As if we don't have enough rabbit holes already, here's another one for you to investigate. It's in its beta release, so there are issues, but nothing horrible that I've found so far. This site lets you poke around thousands of catalogued works (it's not an exhaustive list, nor is every page of every work included, but as I said, it's a beta release) for occurrences of people, places, artworks, songs, and more. I'm sure someone will find it useful in some manner or other; it's just too cool not to share!

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I've been pondering the theme of my novel Rush, trying to winnow it down to maybe one or two things.  But I've been struggling with it, because the theme could really go in a few different directions and I can't decide what to focus on.  

So how do you 'do' themes in your writing?  How do you pick?  Do you have one already in mind before you write?  Or do you let it your unconscious choose?

I have loads of writing resources to look over in my home library, but that doesn't really help you all that are also struggling.  So I went Googling and of course I found Wendig the most compelling.   I'm particularly fond of #3 because I think I'm more of an "unearther"


The theme needn’t be something the writer is explicitly aware of — it may be an unconscious argument, a message that has crept into the work like a virus capable of overwriting narrative DNA, like a freaky dwarven stalker hiding in your panty drawers and getting his greasy Norseman stink all over your undergarments. A writer can engineer the theme — building it into the work. Or a writer can unearth it — discovering its tendrils after the work is written.

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1927 Advice
BRAINPICKINGS DAY!!  You know I love to share inspirational tidbits from the newsletter I receive every Sunday; so today I give you Sherwood Anderson on Art and Life: A Letter of Advice to His Teenage Son, 1927.

"Above all avoid taking the advice of men who have no brains and do not know what they are talking about. Most small businessmen say simply — ‘Look at me.’ They fancy that if they have accumulated a little money and have got a position in a small circle they are competent to give advice to anyone."

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Manuscript is formed by every word that descends from your mind to your nimble fingertips :)

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For Writers only Corner!
Words Light the Way

As a short break from your writing today, the path.

Remember, your readers are paying you to entertain and/or enlighten them. Take them on a fantastic journey.

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who said:you live only twice?Once is more than Enough!

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Imagine good things,not necessarily brilliant thoughts!

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FLEXIHOURS may become routine soon:find out the most pleasant spot in the neighbourhood!
Your Office :), Maldives
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