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"I never set out to be a role model for large women, I just do what I feel is right." - Ricki Lake. Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
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Way to go Ricki! Nice way to start the New Year.
ricki i love your ricki lake show many years back and u are beauiful woman what i know ..
you looking good and thats comeing from a hood n!gg@ okay keep it sexy> wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are too sexy if i may talk .wel in ,all you are beautiful.....
And it's well appreciated!!! Ricki is just awesome!!!!
The best role models are the ones that never try just live right.
I admire you in so many ways. I have always wanted to be a midwife and seeing your documentary made that want grow even stronger.
A woman that many men wish to have!
Its always good to create/establish our own distinct/unique quality/personality rather than copying others because by copying others we miss our inner talent, quality & behavior.
you lok so sweet dear many men is deid today
I think your wonderful Ricky. I always look forward to seeing anything you do. You should do more acting. How about another comedy please.
hihly motivational, taking each life stride wonderfully
Love your style, man!!
You look really great Ricki! What an inspiration you've been to so many.
Really? Seems to me what feels right is always wrong.... that jelly doughnut felt oh so right! Exercising hurts and feels wrong! How do I reverse this???
Riki, I don't know when being skinny came to be the hottest trend but in my opinion I find that the great woman from late 40's till the 60's looked healthier, radiant, elegant and just sexier than any of the "in" actresses and models now a days. example: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, etc.... YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!
good job for dancing with the stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved you on dancing with the stars :)
you a little but in life one must identily the great not comettre mistaker to avoid
Be Healthy, Be Happy, => Long Life
A place for everything and everything in the right place. Gorgeous. Better than a 'model' is a good role model. Take pride in what you have done and graciously accept honors that are due. You are an honorable person & therefore an honor to your ancestors as in the 5th saying.
I still miss your show.
fat is beautiful u look just perfect lake ok just love yo self n feel right about yo body honey
you are hot ohhhhhhhhhhhh
you r awesome baby...keep on rocking an burning some white ass on heat..
My Ok
pretty woman ...
Looking Gorgeous........
Attractive one with charming pose and smart.
This really Ricky lake wow ! :-)
Keep doing it.  You are an amazing woman
not only the content but also very beautiful !
hi riki what a you maintain. realy i impressed it and i like you. love you.
nice to do what u really feel 
neeraj bhatia phle girl ki speeling to acche se read krlo no. bad me de dena
looking nice .. but u have to reduce some weight still...
Watch you as much add I can. Wonderful stories. Next show ideas care givers for the disabled population. Its something people need to know about. 
I hear you there! I have lost 115 pounds. 
How is the maintaining the weight loss been? I am the person that has lost 115 pounds. Even though I have lost that  much, I am bored with trying to get the next 35 off. It will be a total of 150 pound weight loss. I have lost my motivation. Mentally I still see the fat me! Help! I need some encouragement.
You're an inspiration to many, Ricki! Keep up the great work!
Ricki, I remember ur heavier days. Now u look astounding, omg. U were always beautiful, but now, ur smoking hotttt
very very nice pice u boody very nice ur from please
You still look good and carry it well.
i want sucking for u boob pleas
go ricky, go ricky, go, go, go ricky!!!
I don't think you are a large woman at all. You have a very nice figure what you need is to ride with me this year at sturgis and show off your curves with some tight jeans and leather!
Ricki Lake is so so sexy I dont care what anybody says she is so beautiful and so very sexy
I think Ricki needs to pose in a bathing suite off that sexy body even more who agrees with me?
Not that my five cents counts and I do not know about any bathing suite however, one absolute I do know is that Ricki Lake has a "smokin" set of wheels. (legs)
Do you know what the definition of a "perfect" pair of legs is?
Oh my frolicking friend you are freaking hho 6666666668888888 and that would be hooooottt44444
And large v mean what a large in success ???? Sweetheart you were never physically large. And from now on u tell the large women that a man with very good tastes in women as in life lifted me up long ago by making me realize his words were truth ! "Every single woman on this planet is sexy in her own way"!!!$$$and you can take that to the bank the club bar church mall stadium an especially home an ask your own mothers and we will never be able to prove him wrong, any woman that says differently just has not discovered it yet an any Yankee says any differently he either dose not understand what we are talking about USA or he is lying because he does not want you to know 
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