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Five days into working on the Jedi Outcast Linux port I'm finally in the game.

There are still some major issues to be solved:
* Loading and saving is not working properly (the AI is not triggered correctly after loading a savepoint).
* The sound cues are starting too early in conversations.

And of course some smaller issues, but a lot of stuff just worked out of the box.
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Wow, that's great! A Linux port already! Way to go!
What are you using to run the code?
definitely what editor are you using? I want to try this myself :)
+Jamil Ferguson
I did some Linux ports in the past. My IDE of choice back than was Code:Blocks, because I wanted to convert the Windows projects and this IDE was a good starting point for that.

This time I used Code:Blocks again just because I'm most familiar with it.

There are a lot of options out there and as far as I have seen from the code, nearly every IDE / editor solution should work with this code and file structure.
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to wejdę w to ponownie :D
+Yannick Comte
Not yet. I just jumped into porting. At the moment the code has a lot of hacks, but I want to put the code out in public as soon as possible.
Pretty Awesome!
Razish’s OpenJK repo is a bit prickly on accepting a full cross-platform port, as they wish to keep it as untouched as possible on Windows. Which seems more maintenance than needed.
I think I'll just concentrate on the port for the moment. We will see how much change is needed in the end and if it is possible to merge with other projects.
whoah, did I miss something? did lucasart leak their source codes when they all got canned by Disney?!
+Jochen Leopold It would be great to have it into a repository :) could help in some parts ^^ let me know if you upload somewhere!!

Cheers and congratz for the port!! :D
nice work, what are your fps differences compared to windows if you don't mind me asking?
+Jeff Bell
It's capped on 90 fps. Jedi Outcast is build on the Quake3 engine, so there was already an OpenGL renderer in place.
If there are some speed optimizations for Linux I think they are already done in the ioquake3 project.
I was gonna grab it too but the code disappeared. 
They said the originals were pull because of blink and some other components not being theirs to release. Thanks for the links. 
It was something I skimmed across while looking to see if someone had made a copy. I will try to find the link (I went through dozens of pages... don't know why I didn't think to check github)
Thx again for the Info. I will have a look at this issue before I release the code.
I remember when I played this game a long time ago! Happy to hear I can try once more on Linux. :)
Oh, that looks good! Santa gave us a new PC for X-Mas, and I did throw Jedi Outcast on there, but the new machine is almost overpowered, so throwing this on my Linux laptop might be just what the doctor ordered.

The code was based on the Quake II engine, right? (I'm sure that's already been mentioned, so sorry 'bout that)
Zik Zak
Excellent ! I never palyed it. No reason not to play now that we have a port !
Oh, and it was Quake III: Arena engine based, with solid enhancements from Raven Software (thanks Wikipedia!).
Did you have to patch many code ?
+Luis Polasek
I had some problem with the stdlib and some function names in the code and other gcc stuff. I just changed it for now, because I wanted the game to run. I'll have a look at this issues again and try to come up with other solutions. I want to stay as close to the original code as possible.
Any way you could share you changes? I'd sure like to help out.
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