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The Top 25 Rules of State-Sanctioned Anti-Blackness:

1. We can't wear hoodies (Trayvon Martin)
2. We can't play music (Jordan Davis)
3. We can't sit in a stairwell (Akai Gurley )
4. We can't play with toys in Walmart (John Crawford)
5. We can't be safe in police custody (Victor White)
6. We can't go to the mall. (McKenzie Cochran)
7. We can't ask for help after an accident (Jonathon Ferrell)
8. We can't be at home (Carlos Alcis)
9. We can't run from robbers (Reynaldo Cuevas)
10. We can't walk outside (Rekia Boyd)
11. We can't ride public transportation (Oscar Grant)
12. We can't drive home (Samuel Dubois)
13. We can't attend our own bachelor's party (Sean Bell)
14. We can't go to the store (Mike Brown)
15. We can't have car trouble (Corey Jones)
16. We can't sleep (Aiyana Jones)
17. We can't pray (Charleston 9)
18. We can't run (Walter Scott)
19. We can't be afraid (Henry Bennett lll)
20. We can't accidentally park (Danroy DJ Henry)
21. We can't comply (Philando Castile)
22. We can't play in the park (Tamir Rice)
23. We can't drive on the highway home (Sandra Bland)
24. We can't read a book in your car (Keith Lamont Scott)
25. We can't have car trouble (Terence Crutcher)
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+marc drake​ thank you brother 
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marc drake

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This is long but i promise you it needs to be said. And if you choose to read it thanks. We are a divided ppl based on our own since of discrimination, bigitory, intolerance, and the accusing of many in our community of not being educated or informed because of belief. When in fact more are turned away in our community because of such things mentioned in the aforementioned. This is a true statement this is the history of this country and part of the history of two races of ppl. While many are correct in pointing out that we were still in slaved during 1776, I think Frederick Douglas said it best in 1852.
African-American attitudes leading up to the Civil War toward Independence Day itself were perhaps best expressed by Frederick Douglass in his 1852 speech named after its most famous line, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” Asking the crowd why they have asked him, a black man, to speak on this occasion celebrating freedom in a country where his people are not free, his oration demands acknowledgement of slavery, “the great sin and shame of America.”

“Your high independence only reveals the immeasurable distance between us. The blessings in which you, this day, rejoice are not enjoyed in common. The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence bequeathed by your fathers is shared by you, not by me. The sunlight that brought light and healing to you has brought stripes and death to me. This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn.”

We African Americans in this day and time are still so in slaved by systems that are weaved through the fabric of our democracy. But what we are most in slaved by in my opinion is the divide that is persistent in our own community. We do so little to affirm the common struggles that every African American goes through no matter how they choose to express themselves, identify etc. So what of the great divide in our community today over what we should and should not be doing. The arrogance of some to suggest just because you do choose to celebrate a holiday such as the 4th makes you ignorant, unaware and your blackness is suspect. Here's the bottom line in our community we are all the same to everyone who is outside of our community what I pray is that our community really come together and the only way that will happen if we accept the things that we don't agree with about each other and agree that we are all one ppl. Whether your, str8,gay, natural, weaved, poor, rich, Christian, Muslim, light skinned, dark skinned, adopted, transgender, etc. Appealing to your own shouldn't be a struggle.
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+marc drake Your words are powerful and I thank you for writing them. It's hard to celebrate the meaning of this day when we hide from acknowledging the very history behind it.
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marc drake

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This is just wrong all day but if your young or your not a cult movie buff you won't get
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Just wrote this today and decided to share it. Your thoughts if any

Thank You

For the many times I've loved and lost, I say thank you

For the times I've loved and lived, I say thank you

For the moments that love showed me its true beauty, its pain, its remorse, I say thank you

Love, you are the best thing that's in this world today

Your sober and intoxicating, at the same time your fluid and constricting, your longsuffering and limited, your easy to find yet hard to interpret and for that I say thank you

Love, you are always in season, you are always necessary, you are always complete

Love, the experience of you has made my life complete and this world a more manageable place

There are no limits to the joy that you can maintain

There are no depth to pain you can bring

Love, you are such a tangled Web weaved

For in you lies the hope of peace and the knowledge of sorrow

For all that you are, Love, I thank you

In this world you will rise and you will fall, you will win and you will lose but you will never die because love, you will conquer all

And I thank you

Marc J. Drake 8/15
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Hey what's up how are you doing my name is Charles what is your name
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marc drake

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I was awaken by a phone call at or around 6am due to someone I knw needing to talk about a situation they are facing. Without going into details this was my comment.
"Sometimes what's going on behind your back, started right in front of your face."

All real relationships are intimate whether they're family, platonic friendships or romantic ones. People's motives must be explored because all real relationships involve you giving yourself to another completely.

Looking out for and/or protecting your heart and your interest is your responsibility and yours alone. Always question interactions that make you feel uncomfortable within the confines of your relationship. Question interactions but do not accuse; remember everything lawful is not always expedient.

I just wanted to share that this morning happy Saturday make it a good day on purpose
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marc drake

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#PhotoGrid I've been waiting for this to get to my neighborhood. As soon as they sent my email I was all over it. 
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chris d
Wow! About time! #comcastcompetition 
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#PhotoGrid I'm not a bad guy; but apparently I play one in real life.
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+Andrey Kamara thanks 
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marc drake

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I'm just saying #blacklivesmatters 
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marc drake

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I swear I'm getting one of these, judge me if you want. But when I get mines I'll still tell you how to get yours. 😂😂😂😂😂
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commented on a post on Blogger.
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Love this article 
By Mathew RodriguezFrom August 19, 2014 Words are powerful little things. If you put them together in the wrong way, they can be extremely hurtful. Negative words, thoughts and attitudes about people living w...
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Good morning everyone 
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Lawd have Mercy! This mofo is the business!
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wow please pray for his safe return
Not my son it is a lady son on Google plus please share and pray for the lady and her son 
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My farther heavily farther in thee ole Lord I put my trust now let the church say amen praise God bless are family Lord please help us jeuse
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I'm really a laid back fun loving person who truly understands the need for ppl to be who they are without apology.  I have been working in the behavioral health feild for over 10yrs and I am also a student of the discipline who seeks to learn from and understand human behavior in all aspects but the behavior I strive to learn from and understand from first is my own.  I am culturally compotent and just a genuine individual what you see is what you get.  Spirituality is more then just a concept it is how I try to live my life even though I sometimes miss the mark. I am currently enjoying this condition called life with it's many ups and downs, false starts, speedy exits and winding roads.  I really never give to much thought as to how I'm precieved other than the right for a person to have their own opinion.  So this is just a quick overview of who I am so lets have some fun on Google+ 
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