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What does everyone think happens to a Vislae who dies in Shadow, perhaps still ignorant of their true heritage?

I ask because as I plan this short prelude arc I'm excited by the prospective that the PCs opponents/rivals will be encountered again in the Actuality.

I'm tempted to assume that Vislae move on to the Pale or get a choice, as described in the design diary about playing as ghosts. But I hesitate to do so because that would mean that all Vislae would eventually escape Shadow as they die of old age.

Invisible Sun run-up game

I am starting to give some real thought to a campaign that leads up to the PCs becoming exposed to the truths of the Grey Sun, learning that they are Vislae, and then returning to Satyrine at its culmination.

There is never enough time to run all the types of stories/games that I want to, so I intend to hit as many birds with this stone as possible. I've always wanted to run an X-Files like game so that will be the campaign's player facing theme. I loved Alternity back in the day and want to test out the quick-play and perhaps even full rules of the new edition (can't remember when the full rules will be released), so those are the rules we will probably use.

I will have to keep the Satyrine info lite to nonexistent in order to avoid the need to retcon stuff once I have Invisible Sun in hand. I've never run a surreal story. And while this campaign won't be full on surreal like the actual Invisible Sun game, I want there to be enough surreal elements that my players will recognize the Actuality's influence in the events they investigated, if only in hindsight. I am posting this here in hopes of getting feedback and ideas that will allow me to make this the best transition story that I can.

What I have so far.
*I will be using some backgrounds, themes, characters, and settings from the X-Files novel series. My players haven't read them and this will help me keep the stories deep and interesting while cutting down on GM overhead.
*The antagonist of the three part arc will be an evil Satyrinite who is using the Grey Sun for experiments; to test new, perhaps forbidden, magics; or to identify dormant Vislae and recruit them for his plans in Satyrine.
*There might be another Satyrinite who assists/manipulates/points the PCs in the direction of particular cases that bring them into conflict with the antagonist. Perhaps this benefactor's ability to act directly while in Shadow is limited by his society/organization's oaths (prime directive-ish). His intentions will be generally benevolent.
*The surreal elements that I have so far are pretty limited. I think this is where a lot of Invisible Sun GMs will struggle initially. So far I am imagining that one of the antagonist's lieutenants will be a shadow in disposition; quiet, let's others have the attention, generally goes unnoticed, so unremarkable perhaps that it might take some kind of perception check to even note her presence when she is standing behind someone else. She will also possess the ability to become shadow. I am imagining a scene where the PCs are pursuing her after they first encounter her, and she disappears mere fractions of a second after rounding a corner into a long hallway in front of them. At the time there will be no reason for them to pay attention to the shadows of a trashcan or phone booth in the hallway.

It will be a few months before we do this, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions as I develop the story.

Is the Fate grind and issue for you?

There have been a few times that I have noticed that combats in Fate Core have drawn on a little too long. Generally I have taken this as a sign that people should start conceding or we've simply narrated the last of the scene. Has this been an issue for you? I have seen it mentioned a few times and am curious what the consensus is.

Also, if the grind is an issue for enough people, would an escalation mechanic correct it? Something like "all aggressive actions get a bonus equal to the number of rounds that have passed in the combat." Aggressive actions in round 2 would get a +1 bonus, round 3 would get a +2 bonus and so on.

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Looking for a couple more players for a Fate Core/Aperita Arcana fantasy Red Hand of Doom game.

The sessions will be played over Roll20 every other Saturday at 6pm -5GMT starting 7/23 at the earliest.

If you are interested more information can be found at the link below. If you have any questions I'll be happy to field them.
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