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Amanda Tero
Born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Stay-at-home daughter. Pianist. Music teacher.
Born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Stay-at-home daughter. Pianist. Music teacher.


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It's That Most-Wonderful Time of the Year...
Okay, so it's just time when musicians start thinking  of that most-wonderful time of the year. ;) I'm hoping to stock up on Christmas arrangements at WAJN but I need some suggestions. So...

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Sometimes, I Feel Like a Writer
Those were my thoughts as I stepped back and looked at my
desk on Friday. Coffee, a cute sign (by Par la Grace ), Scrivener open (which, btw, I’m
now completely sold on!), a stack of research books…I had to take a picture. This past week has been a good one...

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Scripture Graphics #52
Number 52. I suppose this makes a year of sharing Scripture graphics! It has been a personal blessing for me to hear how God has used these posts to come for you on the exact days you need them. He is so faithful to use His Word just when -- and how -- we n...

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Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway | Molly Jebber Tour
How many of you like scavenger hunts? I'm happy to be a part of Molly Jebber's bookish-themed scavenger hunt! Hop along for some fun! Scavenger Hunt Stops Stop by each blog to collect their
special word then input the sentence it creates into the giveaway f...

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First Line Friday and Giveaway | Out of the Ashes
Hi all! If you remember, a few weeks back, I already featured the first line from Out of the Ashes . So... today I'll give you the first lines for all three in the series! :) If you like good, solid fiction--and the Civil War, I highly recommend this whole ...

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I Just Might be Getting a New Writing Program...
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve talked about writing, and
for good reason. Summer busyness hit in full swing so I had no time to think
blogging beyond the usual posts. But, now I’m back home (quick rundown of summer: 3 camps
[one of which was in Colorado s...

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Scripture Graphics #51
This is why believers have hope—though we are not spared from the grave (unless Christ returns), we are spared from its power and have eternity with Jesus Christ because of His redemption. Do we go to God at the beginning of trouble—or only after we’ve trie...

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Books I Read - July 2017
I seriously thought July would be a few-in-number book month. It actually wasn't. Part of that was because I accidentally "over-booked" my reading schedule (pun intended ;) ) -- I stopped being as organized when I requested books, and suddenly, there I was,...

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First Line Friday, Blog Tour and Giveaway | Manuscript for Murder
Today's First Line Friday is from... "When that dude realized it was the history teacher,  I was like shocked, y'know? I was like, 'Dude!  It has to be that science geek's-whatshisname's-dad.'" ( Manuscript for Murder  by Chautona Havig) Hint: This isn't ex...

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I Need Thee Every Hour | free music
Monday was the first time I really  touched the piano all summer (we're not counting the times I played for camps and church services... I'm mainly speaking of personal one-on-one time with me and piano ;) ). I started to practice, but after five minutes, I...
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